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Criminal Courts: Procedure And Appeals Flashcards
What is the least serious type of...,
What is the middle type of offenc...,
What is the most serious type of ...
36  cards
Criminal Courts: Sentencing
Which act says that custodial sen...,
What are the 4 types of custodial...,
What is a tariff
31  cards
Criminal Courts: Magistrates
What does lay people mean,
What qualifies someone to be a ma...,
Who can t serve as a magistrate
12  cards
Criminal Courts: Juries
What does s1 of the juries act 19...,
Who is unfit for jury service,
Who does s1 of the juries act 197...
29  cards
Legal Personell
What do barristers do,
Who are barristers,
What can barristers do after 10 y...
9  cards
Access to justice
Who is legal aid in civil cases h...,
What are the 3 factors used to de...,
3  cards
Elements Of A Crime
What is meant by actus reus,
What is an involuntary action,
Can you be found guilty of a crim...
47  cards
Non Fatal Offences
Where are assault and battery def...,
What is the actus reus of assault,
Which case say that gestures and ...
46  cards
What is the full definition of mu...,
What is the simplified definition...,
What is the actus reus of murder
22  cards
Involuntary Manslaughter
What happened in the adomako case...,
What are the elements of gross ne...,
How do you prove duty of care in gnm
27  cards
Voluntary Manslaughter
What type of defence is loss of c...,
Where can loss of control be found,
What does s54 1 a of the coroners...
45  cards
What does s1 1 of the theft act 1...,
What are the 3 elements to the ac...,
What are the 2 elements to the me...
39  cards
What is the definition of robbery,
What is the actus reus of robbery,
What is the mens rea of robbery
15  cards
Where is burglary defined,
What is s9 1 a burglary,
What is s9 1 b burglary
21  cards
Attempted Crimes
Which act covers criminal attempts,
What does s1 1 of the criminal at...,
What is the ar of attempts
16  cards
Insanity and Automatism
What type of defence is insanity,
What is the result of successfull...,
What are the consequences of the ...
19  cards
What is duress,
Which crimes does duress apply to,
What are the 2 types of duress
18  cards
When does intoxication work as a ...,
When does intoxication work as a ...,
What is voluntary intoxication
17  cards
How does the defence of consent work,
What 2 factors are needed to prov...,
Can consent be used as a defence ...
17  cards
Self defence
Where does self defence come from,
What counts as self defence,
Which crimes can use self defence
14  cards
Parliamentary Law Making
What is meant by supremacy,
What does parliament have the rig...,
Why should parliament be supreme
32  cards
Law Reform
What created the law commission,
Who make up the law commission,
Who is the chair
22  cards
Delegated Legislation
What allows a secondary body to c...,
How many acts does parliament pas...,
Who makes orders in council
39  cards
Judicial Precedent
What does stare decisis mean,
What are judicial precedents,
What is the court hierarchy
48  cards
Statutory Interpretation
How might a statute be unclear,
What did lord esher say the liter...,
What do judges use to find the li...
64  cards
Negligence including General Defences
What 3 things must be proved in a...,
What does robinson v ccowy say,
When do you need to use caparo v ...
43  cards
Occupiers Liability
What is the definition of occupie...,
Which statute applies to lawful v...,
Which statute applies to unlawful...
46  cards
Vicarious Liability
What is the definition of vicario...,
Who is the defendant,
Who is the tortfeasor
19  cards
Private Nuisance
0  cards
Rylands v Fletcher
What is the rule from rylands v f...,
What are the elements of rylands ...,
Which case said that the defendan...
22  cards
Offer and Acceptance
Who is the offeror and who is the...,
What must there be for a contract,
What is an offer
31  cards
Which cases say that consideratio...,
Why doesn t the court care if the...,
Which case said that giving up so...
20  cards
What is the basic rule of privity...,
What are some problems with the g...,
What are the common law exception...
14  cards
Intention to create legal relations
How do we know what the parties i...,
What is the presumption for socia...,
What are the factors to consider ...
24  cards
What is the definition of classif...,
What is a condition of a contract,
What is the effect of breaching a...
17  cards
What is a pre contractual statement,
What are terms,
What factors will the court consi...
21  cards
Implied Terms
What are express terms,
What are implied terms,
What are the 3 main ways implied ...
29  cards
Exclusion Clauses
What are exclusion clauses,
What are limitation clauses,
What are the 3 areas of control t...
19  cards
Performance and Breach
What are the 3 main ways a contra...,
What does performance mean,
What is the common law rule about...
23  cards
What is frustration,
What are force majeure clauses,
When does frustration apply
22  cards
0  cards
Economic Duress
0  cards
Contract Remedies
What are the 3 main types of reme...,
What is meant by repudiation,
What are the 2 types of damages
27  cards

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