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Criminal Law- Involunary Manslaughter (Unlawful and Dangerous act M/S & Gross Negligence M/S)
What is involuntary manslaughter,
What are two kinds of involuntary...,
What is the definition of constru...
47  cards
Article 11
What does a11 protect,
Article 11 is also a collective r...,
What will the ecthr use to decide...
33  cards
Ar of assault,
Mr of assault,
Ar of battery
10  cards
criminal courts and sanctions
What happens at a magistrates court,
What happens at the high court,
What happens at the qbd
65  cards
non fatal offences against the person and consent
Whats the ar for assault,
What 3 things makes an assault,
Explain the case of r v constanza
40  cards
statutory interpretation
What are the 4 problems with inte...,
What did lord reid day in the pin...,
Explain the case or berriman lite...
23  cards
murder, diminished responsibility and loss of control
Case of martin depressive illness...,
Case of cambell epilepsy stage1 a...,
Case of tandy alcoholism as a dis...
45  cards
offences against property: theft, robbery, burglary
What is the definition of theft a...,
Is theft a summary or an either w...,
What is the maximum time of impri...
53  cards
criminal law- elements
What is the definition of direct ...,
What is the definition of oblique...,
What is the definition of reckles...
42  cards
delegated legislation
How are sis made,
What powers are delegated in proc...,
Which sis amended the proceeds of...
39  cards
What is the ratio decendi,
What is precedent,
What is obiter dicta
51  cards
civil courts and ADR
Who are civil disputes generally ...,
Who are disputes between,
Compensations can be
93  cards
criminal defences: duress and necessity
What is the defence of duress,
What is duress by threats,
What is duress by circumstances
32  cards
Inchoate offences: attempts
Which act defines an attempt,
What is the definition of an attempt,
What is the ar and mr of an attempt
23  cards
access to justice
What are the 3 main difficulties ...,
What were the courts often descri...,
Recite the timeline of historical...
24  cards
criminal general defences
What are the 3 parts to insanity,
What is insanity also known as,
What is the special verdict of th...
47  cards
What is the definition of crime,
Why does the idea of what is crim...,
What is the difference between re...
48  cards
tort of negligence
What are the three elements that ...,
Which case does the neighbour pri...,
What did lord atkin say about the...
37  cards
criminal courts and lay people
How many jurors are there in a cr...,
How many jurors are there in a hi...,
How many jurors are there in a co...
51  cards
vicarious liability
What two tests determine whether ...,
What are the three criterias that...,
Explain the case of cox
16  cards
occupiers liability
What two acts look at occupiers l...,
What does the ola 1957 look at,
What does the ola 1984 look at
55  cards
legal personel
Where do superior judges justices...,
Where would you find the the lord...,
What are high court judges also k...
48  cards
What is private nuisance,
Who can sue in private nuisance,
Who can be sued
47  cards
What is a private nuisance,
Who can sue in private nuisance,
In what case was the proprietary ...
42  cards
rylands v fletcher
Explain the case of rylands v fle...,
In rylands v fletcher had the def...,
In rylands v fletcher could their...
25  cards
Who is the executive and what do ...,
Who is the legislative and what d...,
Who is the judiciary and what do ...
53  cards
law reforms
Why do we need a law reform body,
Under section 3 of the law commis...,
List a law commission report that...
26  cards
law and justice paper 3 nature of the law
What is the definition according ...,
What is the definition according ...,
What are the 6 possible meanings ...
63  cards
NFO's key cases
Ratio of constanza in relation to...,
Ratio of ireland in relation to a...,
Ratio of tuberville v savage in r...
27  cards

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