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General: Basic Electricity 🔊
What is the most important law ap...,
What are the elements of ohm s law,
What are four sources of electric...
46  cards
General: Aircraft Drawings 🔊
What type of lines are used in ai...,
How are dimension lines shown on ...,
What is a sketch for repair
17  cards
General: Weight & Balance 🔊
What is the datum and its purpose...,
What items concerning weight and ...,
What is the purpose of weight and...
30  cards
General: Fluid Lines & Fittings 🔊
What are two commonly used fluid ...,
How is metal tubing sized,
What material should be selected ...
25  cards
General: Materials & Processes 🔊
What is a suitable non destructiv...,
List the steps in a dye penetrant...,
What is the procedure for perform...
41  cards
General: Ground Operation & Servicing 🔊
What is the procedure for extingu...,
What is the purpose of pulling a ...,
What damage is most likely to occ...
19  cards
General: Cleaning and Corrosion Control 🔊
What are the five common forms of...,
Name at least three factors that ...,
What are the two general conditio...
27  cards
General: Mathematics 🔊
What is the formula for area of a...,
What is,
What is the formula for the circu...
25  cards
General: Maintenance Forms & Records 🔊
What is the definition of airwort...,
What is the definition of time in...,
What are the record requirements ...
26  cards
General: Basic Physics 🔊
What is matter,
What are the different states of ...,
What are two types of fluid
31  cards
General: Maintenance Publications 🔊
What is the purpose of airworthin...,
What faa publication is used to n...,
When must an airworthiness direct...
26  cards
General: Aviaition Mechanic Privileges & Limitations 🔊
Which federal regulation prescrib...,
What is the minimum age for an a ...,
What are the two ratings that can...
22  cards
Airframe Structures: Wood Structures 🔊
What species of wood is used as a...,
Is northern white pine an accepta...,
Are knots allowed in aircraft wood
24  cards
Airframe Structures: Aircraft Coverings 🔊
What determines the required qual...,
When are anti tear strips recomme...,
What is the maximum permissible d...
22  cards
Airframe Structures: Airframe Finishes 🔊
Name the safety and health precau...,
What primer is used when maximum ...,
What type of test can be performe...
26  cards
Airframe Structures: Sheet Metal & Non-metallic Structures 🔊
What is the grip length of a rivet,
Where are special rivets such as ...,
What is bonded honeycomb sandwich...
29  cards
Airframe Structures: Welding 🔊
What type of weld joint must be u...,
Why must all flux be removed from...,
What must be done to successfully...
26  cards
Airframe Structures: Assembly & Rigging 🔊
What are three types of commonly ...,
What is used in large metal aircr...,
What is a fairlead
27  cards
Airframe Structures: Airframe Inspections 🔊
What needs to be done to prepare ...,
What is the difference between an...,
Who has the authority to sign off...
10  cards
Airframe Systems & Components: Aircraft Landing Gear Systems 🔊
What are two sources of power use...,
When should landing gear retracti...,
What is used to inflate an oleo t...
23  cards
Airframe Systems & Components: Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems 🔊
What are the three principal cate...,
What is the color of mineral base...,
How do you determine which type o...
26  cards
Airframe Systems & Components: Cabin Atmosphere Control Systems 🔊
What is the principal control ele...,
What is the purpose of the negati...,
What control changes the position...
28  cards
Airframe Systems & Components: Aircraft Instrument Systems 🔊
What three flight instruments are...,
What instrument indications will ...,
Who is authorized to perform test...
25  cards
Airframe Systems & Components: Communication & Navigation Systems 🔊
Name the basic components of a co...,
What is the most common communica...,
Which radio system is used for lo...
26  cards
Airframe Systems & Components: Aircraft Fuel Systems 🔊
What is the purpose of a fuel dum...,
Other than reducing weight what o...,
What are a few types of fuel cells
23  cards
Airframe Systems & Components: Aircraft Electrical Systems 🔊
What is the purpose of a circuit ...,
What are the two principles on wh...,
What tool is used to measure the ...
27  cards
Airframe Systems & Components: Position & Warning Systems 🔊
What is the purpose of the anti s...,
What does the anti skid warning l...,
What type of warning devices are ...
14  cards
Airframe Systems & Components: Ice & Rain Control Systems 🔊
Describe the operating principle ...,
Why is it critical to prevent the...,
What are two methods of inflating...
22  cards
Airframe Systems & Components: Fire Protection Systems 🔊
In what area of an aircraft would...,
What color does a co detector cha...,
What are two types of smoke detec...
23  cards
Powerplant Theory & Maintenance: Reciprocating Engines 🔊
How are conventional reciprocatin...,
What are the different types pist...,
What are the main causes of a cyl...
28  cards
Powerplant Theory & Maintenance: Turbine Engines 🔊
What are the major components of ...,
What are two principle types of c...,
What are the four combustion cham...
20  cards
Powerplant Theory & Maintenance: Engine Inspections 🔊
What steps must be taken to prepa...,
What may be used as a guide for a...,
What additional inspections must ...
12  cards
Powerplant Systems & Components: Engine Instrument Systems 🔊
What are the units in an engine f...,
Where is the fuel flow transmitte...,
What type of readout is indicated...
16  cards
Powerplant Systems & Components: Engine Fire Protection 🔊
What are the main categories of e...,
Name examples of spot detection t...,
Name examples of continuous loop ...
23  cards
Powerplant Systems & Components: Engine Electrical Systems 🔊
How would you seat newly installe...,
When is it necessary to replace t...,
Where is the generator rating and...
20  cards
Powerplant Systems & Components: Lubrication Systems 🔊
What is straight mineral oil,
What is ashless dispersant ad oil,
What is synthetic oil
29  cards
Powerplant Systems & Components: Ignition & Starting Systems 🔊
What is a magneto,
Why are magneto ignition systems ...,
What can cause a reciprocating en...
31  cards
Powerplant Systems & Components: Fuel Metering Systems 🔊
Where are the fuel spray nozzles ...,
Name the heat sources for the ope...,
What engine variables are sensed ...
25  cards
Powerplant Systems & Components: Engine Fuel Systems 🔊
What is the purpose of filters in...,
Why do carburetors in aircraft ha...,
What two items are adjusted when ...
21  cards
Powerplant Systems & Components: Induction & Engine Airflow Systems 🔊
What are the three major parts of...,
What effect does induction system...,
What method is used to prevent or...
14  cards
Powerplant Systems & Components: Engine Cooling Systems 🔊
What is the most common means of ...,
What is the purpose of the fins o...,
What other engine characteristics...
17  cards
Powerplant Systems & Components: Engine Exhaust & Reverser Systems 🔊
What are two types of reciprocati...,
What are the possible hazards of ...,
What type of exhaust system
22  cards
Powerplant Systems & Components: Propellers 🔊
What is the purpose of a propeller,
What are two types of propeller c...,
What type of propeller has the bl...
26  cards
Powerplant Systems & Components: Turbine Powered Auxiliary Power Units 🔊
What is the typical relationship ...,
Where does the apu fuel supply no...,
How is the apu rotated during sta...
13  cards

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