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Ch 1
Which of the following statements...,
The three types of business organ...,
Which of the following statements...
13  cards
Ch 2 - The Recording Process
Credits a increase both assets an...,
Accounts that normally have a deb...,
Accounts that normally have a cre...
11  cards
Ch 3 - Adjusting the Accounts
The accrual basis of accounting i...,
Accrual basis accounting revenue ...,
Adjusting entries are made to ens...
27  cards
Ch 4 - Completion of the Accounting Cycle
What is the income summary account,
What would the journal entry to m...,
Journal entry to close out expens...
30  cards
Ch 5 - Accounting for Merchandising Operations
Gross profit is,
A 750 purchase of merchandising i...,
When goods are shipped with the f...
56  cards
Ch 6 - Inventory Costing
Goods in transit how does it effe...,
What is specific identification a...,
What is fifo
22  cards
Ch 7 - Internal Control and Cash
What is a deposit in transit,
What is an outstanding cheque,
What parts are associated with th...
7  cards
Ch 8 - Accounting for Receivables
What is the typical amount of tim...,
When is an account receivable rec...,
How would a company record a sale...
23  cards
Ch 9 - Long-lived assets
Assume that factory equipment is ...,
What is straight line depreciatio...,
Diminishing balance double dimini...
24  cards
Ch 10 - Current Liabilities and Payroll
What is unearned revenue,
Prepare the je for jan 31 round t...,
The cash register total for sales...
16  cards
Ch 11 - Financial Reporting Concepts
What is realizable value,
Fair value,
Going concern assumption
5  cards
Ch 12 - Accounting for Partnerships
On june 1 e brown and e black dec...,
Profit and loss ratios fixed rati...,
If a company suffers a profit los...
20  cards
Ch 13 - Introduction to Corporations
What is a corporation,
Private vs public corporation,
Turin corp incorporated mar 1 mar...
14  cards
Ch 14 - Corporations
What is a stock dividend,
Stock split and purpose,
Why would a company reacquire shares
17  cards
Ch 15 - Non-current Liabilities
Bonds effects on shareholder control,
Bonds and income tax,
Earnings per share and return on ...
39  cards
Ch 16 - Investments
Debt instruments equity instrumen...,
Money market instruments,
What type of investment is the on...
20  cards
Ch 17 - The Cash Flow Statement
Operating activities,
Investing avtivities,
Financing activities
37  cards
Ch 18 - Financial statement analysis (ratios)
If your income tax rate is 20 and...,
How would you calculate net sales...,
Horizontal analysis
36  cards
Ratio Formulas
Current ratio,
Acid test ratio,
Receivables turnover
20  cards
Direct cash flow statement
Cash receipts from customers,
Cash paid for goodscash payments ...,
Cash paid to suppliers for inventory
7  cards

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