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A 38 year old female patient stat...,
Which integumentary assessment da...,
The nurse assesses a circular fla...
11  cards
Which information should the nurs...,
Which information should the nurs...,
A nurse develops a teaching plan ...
25  cards
To assess whether there is any im...,
When a patients urine dipstick te...,
A hospitalized patient with possi...
23  cards
A 46 year old female patient retu...,
The nurse determines that instruc...,
Which information will the nurse ...
39  cards
To determine the severity of the ...,
A 58 year old patient who has bee...,
The health care provider prescrib...
33  cards
The nurse cares for a terminally ...,
The nurse cares for an adolescent...,
A hospice patient is manifesting ...
15  cards
ch. 9 MJ
To assist in determining whether ...,
Which instruction will the nurse ...,
After the nurse has taught a pati...
9  cards
ch. 10 MJ
When doing a pain assessment for ...,
A patient who uses a fentanyl dur...,
A postoperative patient asks the ...
22  cards
ch. 23 MJ
When the nurse is assessing a 42 ...,
Which assessment information docu...,
A patient has a circular flat red...
11  cards
ch. 24 MJ
To decrease the risk for sun dama...,
Which information should the nurs...,
A patient is diagnosed with basal...
23  cards
ch. 45 MJ
When reading a patients chart the...,
A patients urine dipstick indicat...,
A creatinine clearance test is or...
22  cards
ch. 46 MJ
The nurse determines that instruc...,
A patient returns to the clinic w...,
Hich information will the nurse i...
39  cards
ch. 55 MJ
To determine the severity of the ...,
A patient who has been recently d...,
The health care provider prescrib...
26  cards

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