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IV therapy
What are some different purposes ...,
Are peripheral ivs for short or l...,
How often should peripheral ivs b...
106  cards
hematologic function and blood transfusion
What makes blood stuff,
Name some blood componets,
Should you double check blood typ...
55  cards
chapters 1-4: principles of nursing care
Name some different principles of...,
What are some things that go into...,
Name some different influences on...
28  cards
assessment of resp function
Anatomywhat is included in the up...,
What is the function of the upper...,
A p overviewwhat is included in t...
76  cards
management of patients with upper airway problems
Name some upper airway infections,
Whats some obstruction trauma tha...,
What are some indications of need...
23  cards
stress and inflammatory response
Describe constancy,
Describe homeostasis,
Describe stress
22  cards
disability and chronic illness
Definitionschronic disease,
Definitionschronic illness,
Definitionscognitive disability
39  cards
management of patients with chest and lower resp
Name some inflammatory and infect...,
Name some noninvasive respiratory...,
What is atelectasis
81  cards
healthcare of the older adult
What is ageism,
What is comorbidity,
What is delirium
76  cards
management of patients with chronic pulmonary diseases
Describe copd,
Describe the pathophysiology of copd,
What are some risk factors for copd
37  cards
cardiovascular overview
Describe coronary bloodflow,
Describe diastole,
Describe systole
38  cards
heart failure
Whats happening in heart failure,
What happens when raas is initiated,
What is the most common side of r...
18  cards
coronary artery disease
Whats happening with cardiovascul...,
Whats an atheroma,
What are some causes of coronary ...
23  cards
valvular disorders
Whats happening with valvular dis...,
How will a client present in the ...,
As valvular disorders worsen how ...
10  cards
Describe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy,
Describe dilated cardiomyopathy
2  cards
atrial fibrillation
What are some causes of atrial fi...,
Whats happening with atrial fibri...,
How will the client present with ...
8  cards
Whats priminary aka essential hyp...,
Whats secondary hypertension,
What are some different causes of...
8  cards
vascular disorders
Describe arteries,
Describe veins,
Describe the lymphatic system
49  cards
sexual health
What are some health aging tips,
What are some changes in the fema...,
What are some meds that may help ...
19  cards
disorders of the kidney
Describe aki,
What are some pre renal causes of...,
What are some intra renal causes ...
62  cards
renal A+P, diagnostic testing, and assessment
Describe blood flow the kidney gets,
What are the kidneys protected by,
What are the three parts the kidn...
55  cards
urinary disorders
What are the two classifications ...,
What are some upper utis,
Name some lower utis
57  cards
Whats the most frequent age group...,
Describe education on burn preven...,
Whats the leading cause of fire d...
27  cards
neuro: anatomical and physiologic overview
What are the two major parts of t...,
What is the function of the nervous,
Whats included in the central ner...
52  cards
cranial nerves
Cranial nerve i,
Cranial nerve ii,
Cranial nerve iii
12  cards
neuro diagnostic evaluation
Pet positron emission tomography
12  cards
management of patients with neurologic dysfunction
Terminologyakinetic mutism,
Terminologyaltered level of consc...,
Terminologybrain death
62  cards
management of patients with cerebrovascular disorders
48  cards
neurological disorders: trauma
Terminologyautonomic dysreflexia,
54  cards
MS, MG, Guillain-Barre, cranial nerve and PNS disorders
59  cards
oncologic or degenerative neurologic disorders
25  cards
assessment of the endocrine system
Terminologyaddisons disease,
Terminologyaddisonian crisis
23  cards
hypothalamus/pituitary glands and disorders
What does the hypothalamus do,
What are the two pathways from th...,
What are the three distinct secti...
27  cards
thyroid and parathyroid glands and disorders
Describe thyroid gland hormones,
What is a goiter,
Describe the assessment of the th...
43  cards
adrenal glands and disorders
Describe the adrenal medulla,
Describe pheochromocytoma,
Whats used in the diagnosis of ph...
32  cards
management of patients with diabetes
Terminologydiabetic ketoacidosis,
Terminologyfasting plasma glucose,
Terminologygestational diabetes
76  cards
musculoskeletal modalities
What are some indications for cas...,
Describe application of casting,
What are some complications of ca...
35  cards
musculoskeletal trauma
Describe joint dislocation,
What are some complications of jo...,
Describe acute interventions for ...
40  cards
joint disorders
What are some causes risk factors...,
Whats happening with rheumatoid a...,
How will the client present with ...
28  cards
musculoskeletal disorders
What are some causes of low back ...,
How will the client with low back...,
What are some diagnostic tests fo...
36  cards
musculoskeletal overview
Name some bones,
Does each bone have a purpose,
Describe composition of bones
37  cards
What is immunity,
Whats the immune systems function,
What factors may affect the immun...
36  cards
Whats cancer,
Whats benign mean,
Whats malignant neoplasms
64  cards
Do a lot of people of hiv aids,
What are some risk factors for hiv,
What are some sexual practices th...
26  cards
autoimmune disorders
What is an autoimmune sytem disorder,
What are some risk factors for au...,
Autoimmune symptoms vary from per...
18  cards
Are organs expensive,
What are some contraindications t...,
Whats some criteria for receiving...
13  cards
GI assessment
Whats the primary function of the...,
Whats included in the gi system,
Wheres a lot of stuff absorbed
26  cards
oral and esophageal disorders
Peridontal disease is conencted t...,
What is the most common cause of ...,
Who is at greater risk for period...
41  cards
gastric and duodenal disorders
Bmi 185 means,
Bmi 30 means,
How do you calculate bmi
34  cards
intestinal and rectal disorders
What are some causes of intestina...,
Whats happening with intestinal o...,
How will the client present with ...
71  cards
the liver
Is the liver highly vascular,
Is the liver heavy,
How many lobes does the liver have
36  cards

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