advanced practice nursing in the care of older adults

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Chapter 1: Changes with Aging
The major impact of the physiolog...,
The strongest evidence regarding ...,
All of the following statements a...
13  cards
Chapter 2: Health Promotion
The leading cause of death in eld...,
Which of the following should be ...,
What insect precautions are not n...
12  cards
Chapter 6: Skin and Lymphatic Disorders
Which of the following dermatolog...,
An older adult male presents with...,
A 70 year old white male comes to...
20  cards
Chapter 3: Exercise in Older Adults
Exercise recommended for older ad...,
Preferred amount of exercise for ...,
Which of the following medical co...
5  cards
Chapter 5: Symptoms and Syndromes
The term geriatric syndrome is be...,
The anal wink reflex is used to test,
Atypical presentation of acute co...
27  cards
Chapter 4: Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
The evidence reflects that compre...,
Evidence based geriatric assessme...,
When interviewing the older adult...
13  cards
Chapter 16: Psychological Disorders
The prevalence of depression in n...,
The majority of depressed older a...,
Symptoms of depression distinct t...
15  cards
Chapter 8: Chest Disorders
In mitral stenosis p waves may su...,
Aortic regurgitation requires med...,
A key symptom of ischemic heart d...
21  cards
Chapter 10: Abdominal Disorders
Your 70 year old patient has gast...,
An older patient reports burning ...,
The nurse practitioner is examini...
20  cards
Chapter 15: Hematological and Immune System Disorders
Iron deficiency anemia ida is cla...,
Initial therapy for patients with...,
Mrs g a 70 year old patient prese...
15  cards
Chapter 13: Central and Peripheral Nervous System Disorders
An older adult patient is being e...,
When assessing a patient who comp...,
Which of the following assessment...
19  cards
Chapter 9: Peripheral Vascular Disorders AAA
The clinician should begin the pe...,
Inspection of the distal nails an...,
A thorough vascular exam includes...
18  cards
Chapter 7: Head, Neck, and Face Disorders
A 64 year old male presents with ...,
One of the first line treatments ...,
The nurse practitioner knows that...
15  cards
Chapter 14: Endocrine, Metabolic, and Nutritional Disorders
An elderly client presents with a...,
A 62 year old female complains of...,
Mrs black an 87 year old patient ...
20  cards
Chapter 11: Urological and Gynecological Disorders
Which ethnic group has the highes...,
Men with an initial psa level bel...,
All of the following may be reaso...
15  cards
Chapter 16: Psychological Disorders
The prevalence of depression in n...,
The majority of depressed older a...,
Symptoms of depression distinct t...
15  cards
Chapter 12: Musculoskeletal Disorders
Osteoarthritis of the cervical an...,
In differentiating osteoarthritis...,
Patients with osteoarthritis of t...
20  cards

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advanced practice nursing in the care of older adults

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