airframe o's and p's

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Wood Structures
How would you inspect wood for ro...,
What three forms of wood are used...,
What is a laminated wood assembly
41  cards
Aircraft Coverings
What two types of fabric are used...,
What are the organic fibers used ...,
What is the fabric warp
23  cards
Aircraft Finishes
What are the two common types of ...,
What is used to thin zinc chromat...,
What is a cause of spray dust
20  cards
Sheet Metal and Non-Metallic Structures
How do you determine the total le...,
What is done with the rivet head ...,
Give examples self plugging mecha...
22  cards
What are three general types of w...,
What is the purpose of shielding ...,
What does the size of the torch t...
20  cards
Assembly and Rigging
What flight control surfaces are ...,
What are the three axes of an air...,
What flight controls are included...
20  cards
Airframe Inspection
In accordance with 14 cfr 6585 an...,
When may a mechanic perform an an...,
When must an annual inspection be...
20  cards
Aircraft landing gear
What is the purpose of main landi...,
What is used to inflate landing g...,
What power sources are normally u...
20  cards
Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems
What are three types of hydraulic...,
Which color mineral base and phos...,
What happens to plastic resins vi...
22  cards
Cabin Atmosphere Control Systems
How does a continuous flow oxygen...,
How does a basic pressure demand ...,
What type of oxygen must be used ...
22  cards
Aircraft Instrument Systems
What can be used to static check ...,
What flight instruments are usual...,
Why should you avoid cleaning obs...
21  cards
Communication and Navigation systems
What are the basic autopilot comp...,
What are the sensing elements of ...,
What are the actuating output ele...
21  cards
Aircraft fuel systems
What is the purpose of a fuel jet...,
What is the purpose of a fuel tan...,
Why should you wait a period of t...
20  cards
Aircraft Electrical Systems
What controls the output voltage ...,
How long should bonding jumper wi...,
What factors are considered when ...
25  cards
Position and Warning Systems
What is the reason for a master c...,
What is the purpose of a mach war...,
How does a takeoff aural warning ...
22  cards
Ice and Rain Control Systems
What methods are used to supply h...,
How is the temperature maintained...,
What happens to the termal anti i...
21  cards
Fire Protection Systems
Where a carbon monoxide detectors...,
What are indications of excess ca...,
What does a thermal switch fire d...
23  cards

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