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Murtagh Diagnoses
Angina dyspnoea blackouts,
Menstrual dysfunction obesity hir...,
Dysmenorrhoea heavy menstrual ble...
159  cards
Reference Values
Normal reference values according to Murtagh
55  cards
Adult Health & Aged Care - Medicine
30% They include developed and practiced clinical skills (communication, history taking, physical examination, counselling) an appropriate understanding of principles of treatment and familiarity with current management strategies (investigations, procedural interventions, drug and non-drug therapies).
1  cards
Adult Health & Aged Care - Surgery
20% These patient groups cover a broad spectrum of adult health and aged care, and involve a sound foundation knowledge of the medical sciences (physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, pharmacology) and an understanding of pathobiology and pathophysiology
1  cards
Child & Adolescent Health
321  cards
Women's Health
12.5% Gynaecology covers a broad spectrum of women's health care, and involves all principles of adult health as above. Obstetrics also embodies these principles with the addition of the understanding of the basic sciences as they apply to reproduction and the effects of pathobiology and pathophysiology on the reproductive process (pregnancy, labour, birth and the post-natal period).
24  cards
Mental Health by Dr Cyntia
311  cards
Population Health, Community Health & Ethics
25  cards
Breast: Cancer, cancer screening
39  cards
Seborrhoeic dermatitis
36  cards
Emergency Medicine
Benzodiazepine overdose management,
Situation where flumazenil can be...,
76  cards
Causes of secondary diabetes,
Blood glucose level of 26 mmol l,
Childhood hypoglycaemia
116  cards
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
Ear: - Sensorineural & Conductive hearing loss - Tumours of ear Nose: -Rhinitis
82  cards
Ethics & Jurisprudence
List of notifiable disease,
Driving restriction for mi,
Legal requirements of physicians ...
18  cards
Gastroenterology & GI Surgery
Coeliac disease symptoms,
Autosomal recessive,
Liver damage enzymes
147  cards
Cervical cancer screening,
Breast cancer screening,
Breast cancer screening
205  cards
Vegan vegetarian deficiency,
Normal serum ferritin level,
Mean corpuscular count
75  cards
Infectious Diseases
Zostavax contraindications
101  cards
Nephrology & Urology
Peaked t waves are seen in lead v...,
Normal pao2,
Normal hco3
97  cards
Neurology & Neurosurgery
Brain lesion on the left side,
List of anticholinergics,
Brain tumour vs brain abscess
147  cards
Baseline foetal heart rate fhr,
2nd trimester,
3rd trimester
317  cards
Cataracts risk factors,
Cataracts features,
Traumatic cataract features
61  cards
The most useful test for evaluati...,
Normal bmd t score,
Low bone density bmd t score
128  cards
Rinne test,
Tanner stages,
Development of pubic hair
355  cards
Which ssri is contraindicated in ...,
Which ssri is safe for mi
185  cards
Respiratory Medicine
Unprocessed raw cottom,
Normal pao2,
Normal paco2
59  cards
Anti dna topoisomerase i scl 70 a...,
Normal crp,
Rheumatoid factor rf
60  cards
Vascular Surgery
Warfarin ischaemia monitoring
49  cards
Nutrition for Health
Micronutrient deficiencies vitami...
13  cards
Diagnosis by Physical Examination
Plethoric complexion,
Thickening of the subcutaneous ti...,
Diagnostic facies acromegalic
35  cards
St john s wort hypericum perforat...,
List of macrolide antibiotics,
List of glycopeptide antibiotics
127  cards
Drug and alcohol problems
Nicotine withdrawal symptoms,
Alcohol abuse treatment anti crav...,
Alcohol abuse withdrawal symptoms
11  cards
Typ i diabetes investigation,
Typ i diabetes management
33  cards
0  cards
ECG diagnoses
P wave size,
Frequency calculation,
Pr interval size
118  cards
Medications list
6  cards
Coeliac disease symptoms,
Autosomal recessive,
Liver damage enzymes
406  cards
Cardiology by Dr. Cintia
Pulmonary embolism,
Pulmonary embolism,
Pulmonary embolism best investiga...
234  cards
Ethics & Jurisprudence COPY
List of notifiable disease,
Legal requirements of physicians ...,
In what circumstances is a patien...
18  cards
Neuro Dr Vidhya
Headache cluster or migrainous ne...,
Headache cluster or migrainous ne...
50  cards
Dermatology by Dr Cintia
Melanoma investigation best,
Melanoma treatment
103  cards
Gastroenterology by Dr Cintia
Diseases of the small and large i...,
Crohn dx clinical features,
Crohn dx first investigation
171  cards
Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia cop,
Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia ...,
Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia ...
209  cards
Ortho by Dr Riwa
Plexus brachialis major branches,
Median nerve c5 t1,
141  cards
Gonorrhoe clinical presentation,
Gonorrhoe complication
30  cards
Emergency by Dr Cintia
Snakes clinical features,
Snakes treatment,
Jellyfish treatment
46  cards
Hypothyroidism clinical features,
Hypothyroidism first investigation,
Hypothyroidism hashimoto thyroidi...
92  cards
entomology by Dr Cinitia
Rinne test clinical features,
Weber test clinical features,
Deafness in elderly clinical feat...
49  cards
Ethics by Dr Cinita
Bioethical principles clinical fe...,
Physician assisted suicide clinic...,
Nonsexual violations clinical fea...
38  cards

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