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Upper limb - Shoulder + back
What forms the anterior wall of t...,
What forms the posterior wall of ...,
What forms the medial wall of the...
102  cards
Upper limb - Arm
Where does the short head of the ...,
What joints do the biceps brachii...,
Where does the short head of the ...
63  cards
Upper limb - Forearm
Where does the cephalic vein arise,
Where does the basilic vein arise,
Where does the median cubital vei...
91  cards
Upper limb - hand
What two nerves does the median n...,
What are the contents of the carp...,
What structure is affected in car...
49  cards
Lower limb - Hip
What bones make up the hip,
What type of joint is the hip,
Why is the hip more stable than t...
50  cards
Lower limb - thigh
What are the two main inguinal ly...,
What vessels do the lymph nodes f...,
What muscles make up the anterior...
72  cards
Lower limb - leg
What are the two main veins arisi...,
Which vein ascends posterior to t...,
Which superficial vein empties in...
16  cards
Lower limb - Foot
What artery runs between the mall...,
Where does the dorsal venous arch...,
What type of joint is the ankle j...
21  cards
Muscles - Identification (easy)
Teres minor deep,
Pronator teres,
Extensor hallicus longus
113  cards
Muscles - innervation (medium)
Flexor digitorum longus,
Obturator internus,
Quadraceps femoris
98  cards
Ligaments - identification
Anterior cruciate,
Posterior cruciate,
Lateral collateral knee
30  cards
Joints - type
20  cards
Bones - feature identification
Coracoid process,
Adductor supracondylar lines
75  cards
Muscles - muscle action (medium hard)
Adductor brevis,
Teres major,
Abductor pollicis brevis
95  cards
Repro - male
What is carried in the spermatic ...,
What is the tough outer fibrous l...,
What are the two layers of tunica...
23  cards
Repro - female
What three structures constitute ...,
What are the three layers of the ...,
What is the position of the uterus
36  cards
Repro - pelvic anatomy + perneum
What features make up the superio...,
What constitutes the true pelvis,
What constitutes the false pelvis
92  cards
Resp booklet
What skeletal structures form the...,
What skeletal structures form the...,
What ribs form the costal margin
67  cards
Repro pictures
Deep transverse perineal identifi...,
Obturator internus innervation,
Superficial transverse innervation
106  cards
Cardio booklet
What arteries are found in the su...,
What veins are found in the super...,
What nerves are found in the supe...
57  cards
H&N booklet
What are the three parts of the s...,
What joint is between most bones ...,
What are the layers of a skull fl...
95  cards
GI booklet
What are the nine compartments of...,
What lines divide the abdomen int...,
What lines divide the abdomen int...
100  cards
GI book 2
What are the distinguishing featu...,
What are the distinguishing featu...,
What features indicate the large ...
46  cards
H&N 3
What passes through the optic for...,
What passes through the superior ...,
What are the main contents of the...
82  cards
Neuro book
What cavities of the ventricular ...,
What cranial nerves emerge from t...,
What makes up the pyramids
77  cards
Endocrine + renal anatomy
Where is the pituitary gland located,
How is the optic chiasm related t...,
Which lobe of the pituitary is bi...
57  cards
Cardio pictures
Brachial artery,
Brachiocephalic artery,
60  cards
Endocrine + renal pictures
Pituitary stalk,
Middle adrenal arteries,
51  cards
H&N - muscles
Sternohyoid innervation,
Omohyoid innervation,
Stylohyoid action
93  cards
H&N - bones + foramina
Angle of mandible,
Jugular foramen,
Jugular foramen
81  cards
H&N - other
Posterior triangle,
Subclavian artery,
Semilunar canals
92  cards
Neuro pictures
Middle cerebellar peduncle,
Cerebral peduncles,
101  cards
Resp pictures
Right dome of diaphgram,
Superior lobe of left lung,
Thyrohyoid membrane
39  cards
GI pictures
Aortic hiatus,
Left hypochondrium,
92  cards

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