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A state of behavioral change wher...,
A state characterized by cns depr...,
A drug induced state of deep slee...
11  cards
Anesthesia Machine
Anesthetized patients encounter w...,
Without supplemental oxygen what ...,
What color are oxygen tanks
92  cards
Breathing Systems
Which gases can pass through the ...,
The regulator or reduction valve ...,
Delivering oxygen and also possib...
107  cards
Reversal Agents
16  cards
Ruminant and Camelid
What are 2 techniques can be used...,
More complex procedures will requ...,
The same equipment and some of th...
64  cards
Age Considerations
Patients are considered pediatric...,
After what are are organ systems ...,
Neonates are dependent on what fo...
96  cards
Quiz questions
Which of the following could be a...,
Which method of blood pressure me...,
The clinical uses for electrocard...
13  cards
Which category of drug competitiv...,
What do anticholinergics inhibit ...,
What might anticholinergics cause
26  cards
How frequently do you monitor the...,
An unconscious patient needs to b...,
What are 2 things that shivering ...
55  cards
Mechanical Ventilation
Movement of gas in and out of alv...,
What is eupnea,
What is dyspnea
77  cards
Local Anesthetic Agents
The reversible block of the gener...,
Transient loss of what 3 function...,
Local anesthetics target what
74  cards
Local Anesthetic Agents 2
What is part of multi modal pain ...,
Dose reduction of anesthetics can...,
Selective nociceptive blockade ca...
97  cards
Local Anesthetic Agents 3
What are 5 examples of blocks tha...,
The objective of a proximal parav...,
Where is the site of needle inser...
57  cards
Cardiovascular Drugs
What are 2 things a positive inot...,
Adrenergic agonists help to maint...,
When vasopressors are administere...
79  cards
IV fluids
What is the major component of al...,
When there is equilibration of wa...,
What is the approximate total bod...
114  cards
Blood Loss and Transfusion Products
The use of supportive therapies i...,
What are 6 concerns with transfus...,
What are 3 things to known going ...
95  cards
When should a crash cart be check...,
What are 4 essential supplies,
What has to be done before cpr is...
91  cards
What are 4 uses of nsaids,
What is the largest group of drug...,
The use of lower doses of multipl...
104  cards
Wildlife and Zoo
0  cards

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