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What is Anthropology?
Understand the distinctive approach of anthropology. Understand the specificity of each sub-discipline of anthropology. Understand the transformations of anthropology over the last one hundred years. Understand the concept of ‘culture’ and its centrality for the discipline of anthropology.
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Culture, Cultural Change and Globalization
Understand what culture is and what its place in anthropology is. Understand the processes that bring about cultural and social change. Understand the premises and the effects of colonization. Understand the principles of globalization and its effects on the cultures of the world.
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Language and Communication
You should know what language is. You should understand the differences between animal communication and human communication. You should understand the relationship between language and culture.
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Religion: Ritual, Myth and the Cosmos
Understand the ways in which people conceive of the supernatural. Understand the social and psychological functions of religion. Understand the structure and diversity of religious ideologies.
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Patterns of Subsistence and Modes of Production
Describe the different kinds of food gathering systems. Understand the theories of the origin of food production. Understand the correlations between food gathering and social life.
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Economic Systems
Define and understand the elements of an economic system. Understand the social dimensions of distribution and consumption. Compare and contrast subsistence economies and consumer economies. Understand the distinction between generalized and balanced reciprocity. See how redistribution acts as a levelling mechanism in horticultural societies. See the difference between traditional and modern markets. Understand the functions of money.
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The Life Cycle
To understand the cultural dimensions of fertility, birth and death. To understand the different types of marriage cross-culturally and how they fit in social life. To understand the social and psychological functions of rites of passage. To describe the more common customs in the world concerning pregnancy, birth, marriage and death.
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Kinship, Marriage and the Family
To understand the significance of kinship and descent in pre-industrial societies. To understand the significance of descent for the organization of social, economic and political life in these societies. To understand why anthropologists have attached great importance to the study of kinship. To understand the social changes that affect kinship terminology and relationships, and more specifically, the transformation of families.
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