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Definition of anthropology and sub fields
What is anthropology,
What is paleontology,
What is archaeology
7  cards
Article, “How are humans unique?”
Human children performed better t...,
According to evolutionary models ...,
If group mindedness is the cause ...
3  cards
List Questions Review Sheet 1 & 2
What are the three fundamental qu...,
What are the three reasons why th...,
What are the four main contributi...
13  cards
Key terms review sheet 1/2
What is a schizophrenic experience,
Social networks,
The great paradox of culture
14  cards
Concepts review sheet 1/2
What do we mean when we say cultu...,
What is culture,
What kind of behavior was most re...
10  cards
Article, "High population density"
How does hpd lead to modern human...,
In which three regions of the wor...,
Where was the first evidence of a...
5  cards
Article, “Why our stories matter”
Where are the agata from,
Why are scientists fascinated by ...,
What riddle has long puzzled evol...
5  cards
Article, “The cultural construction of the American diet”
According to sahlins what marks t...,
How is the american classificatio...,
What accounts for the high status...
5  cards
Article, “Cultural Differences”
Where are the tswana from,
The problem in cultural differenc...,
Explain what the problem was
3  cards
    Article, “Body Ritual of the Nacirema” 
What is the focus of the economic...,
What is the foundation of their e...,
In which part of their dwelling d...
5  cards
List Questions Review Sheet 3, 4, & 5
What are the two reasons why unde...,
What are three ways to use bounda...,
What two developments in the west...
17  cards
Concepts Review Sheet 3, 4, & 5
What is the connection between an...,
What do we mean when we say that ...,
Be able to duplicate the us other...
28  cards
Key Terms Review Sheet 3, 4, & 5
The other,
Boundary maintenance,
Us other dichotomy
48  cards
Article. "The Measure of America"
Where did the worlds columbian ex...,
What did samuel morton believe ab...,
What did josiah nott believe abou...
5  cards
Article. "Abuses Alleged At Missionary Schools"
0  cards
Article. "Applied Anthropology and Tribal Peoples"
0  cards
Article. "Report Details Abduction of Children or Aborigines""
0  cards
Article. "6 Million Years of Humanity"
0  cards
Article. "The Cultural Construction of Race"
0  cards
Article. "AAA Statement on Race"
What has maintained all of humank...,
What was the great chain of being,
To which logical end did the nazi...
4  cards
Article. "The New Illicit Drug"
What is the drug adderall prescri...,
What did the authors in the decem...,
What might be an argument against...
4  cards
Article. "Just Leave Them Behind"
0  cards
Film. "Scientific Racism The Eugenics of Social Darwinism"
0  cards
Film. "Race The Power of An Illusion"
0  cards
6-9 Key terms
Rational belief,
The placebo effect
55  cards
Concept Questions 6-9
Why is the study of religion so i...,
Why do anthropologists sometimes ...,
What is the rations explanation f...
19  cards
List Questions 6-9
Two ethnocentric attitudes,
What are two ways to understand t...,
What are the three ways that beli...
15  cards
Article, "Religious perspectives in Anthropology"
What is weltanschaung,
Why does lee say that material cu...,
Where are the baiga people from
9  cards
Article, "More Doctors mixing medicine, Spiritually"
What would be a rational explanat...
1  cards
Article, "Voodoo Logic"
What was dug up during the excava...,
Normally why do people bury items...,
The burial of objects and names c...
4  cards
Article, "Dancing in the streets"
What is ecstatic rituals,
Timorodee location
2  cards

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