apc commercial real estate 2021

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Conduct rules, ethics and professional practice
What is the central purpose of th...,
How does the rics ensure members ...,
How does the rics ensure firms ab...
142  cards
Health & safety
What guidance did the rics releas...,
What is the structure of rics sur...,
According to rics surveying safel...
71  cards
What are the 5 ethical standards,
What are the main roles of the rics,
What are the benefits of joining ...
123  cards
1 what is the definition of susta...,
2 when is an epc required,
3 what year is the uk expected to...
26  cards
Data Management
What is the key principles of the...,
What are the key principles of th...,
What does gdpr stand for
15  cards
Conflict Avoidance
What are the key themes of the co...,
2 what is adr,
3 what are the different types of...
30  cards
Business Planning
What are your client s corporate ...,
Are you aware of recent changes t...,
Are you aware of any of the objec...
6  cards
Accounting Principles
1 what is an income statement,
2 what is a balance sheet,
3 what is required as part of sta...
19  cards
Client Care
1 what are your company s complai...,
2 what have you read on complaint...,
3 what makes an effective complai...
7  cards
Communication And Negotiation
What is the definition of without...,
What negotiation techniques could...,
What are the 5 steps of the negot...
3  cards
Health And Safety
1 what are your responsibility un...,
2 what is the key message in the ...,
3 what does cscs stand for
34  cards
Business Planning COPY
What are your client s corporate ...,
Are you aware of recent changes t...,
Are you aware of any of the objec...
6  cards
Client care COPY
Provide an example of when you ha...,
Why does your firm have professio...,
How much professional indemnity i...
13  cards
Communication and negotiation / Teamworking
How would you prepare for a negot...,
Tell me about a time when you had...,
Tell me about a time when you had...
12  cards
Accounting principles and procedures
What does a set of public limited...,
What does a balance sheet stateme...,
What does a profit and loss accou...
17  cards
Business planning COPY COPY
How does your firm market itself ...,
What are some of the key things t...,
Why is it important to forecast fees
13  cards
Data management / Property records/information systems
What is the data protection act 2018,
What is gdpr,
When did gdpr come into force
48  cards
General RICS Questions
Who is the current president of t...,
When was the rics established,
What is the purpose of the rics
19  cards
COVID Questions
Why was the code of practice for ...,
What is material uncertainty,
What are the effects of covid 19
4  cards
Ethics (L3)
What are the 3 main roles of the ...,
How do rics regulate and promote ...,
What are the 5 principles of bett...
90  cards
What is the key planning legislation,
What is the nppf,
What is the definition of develop...
17  cards
Level 1 - Teamworking
What makes a good team member,
What are the benefits of team wor...,
What are the characteristics of a...
13  cards
Ethics, Rules of Conduct & Professionalism
Background of rics,
Membership and levels,
Rics governance structure
43  cards
Dispute Resolution Procedures
What are the main processes in re...
1  cards
Diversity, Inclusion and Teamworking
What do you think diversity inclu...,
What are good team selection tech...,
What is bias
20  cards
Inclusive environments
What do you think inclusive envir...,
What is diversity of user needs,
What local planning policies are ...
16  cards
Ethics - JL
Why do you want to become a membe...,
What are the key functions of ric...,
Who is the current rics president
80  cards

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