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Hot Topics
Are you aware of the impact of re...,
What are the changes upcoming reg...
23  cards
Reference/RICS Documents
Property measurement,
Expert witness,
Clients money
54  cards
1 - Definitions
Relevant event,
Relevant matter,
52  cards
2 - Accounting Principles and Procedures
This competency covers the basic principles of accounting and the interpretation of company accounts in order that reasoned advice can be given to clients
152  cards
3 - Business Planning
This competency is about the principles and tools of business planning.
86  cards
4 - Client Care
Accounting principles and procedu...,
Why is client care important,
Principles of client care
77  cards
5 - Communication and Negotiation
Client care extract from candidat...,
Explain how different forms of co...,
Explain a situation when a visual...
73  cards
6 - Conflict Avoidance, Management and Dispute Resolution Procedures
Communication and negotiation ext...,
How do you avoid conflict,
What are the three pillars of neg...
147  cards
7 - Data Management
Communication and negotiation ext...,
What does gdpr stand for,
When did gdpr come into for
54  cards
8 - Diversity, Inclusion and Teamworking
Communication and negotiation ext...,
Give me an example of how you use...,
What particular skills have you g...
48  cards
9 - Ethics, Rules of Conduct and Professionalism
Communication and negotiation ext...,
You see that a colleague is havin...,
You set up your own business but ...
391  cards
10 - Health and Safety
Health and safety extract from ca...,
What is a f10,
What is the purpose of a f10
280  cards
11 - Inclusive Environments
Communication and negotiation ext...,
What are the steps in making an i...,
What is the definition of an incl...
46  cards
12 - Sustainability
Sustainability extract from candi...,
What is sustainability,
Why is sustainability important
159  cards
13 - Building Pathology
Accounting principles and procedu...,
What is settlement,
What is sulfate attack concrete
295  cards
14 - Construction Technology and Environmental Services
Construction technology and envir...,
What are the main types of curtai...,
What is the riba plan of works an...
170  cards
15 - Contract Administration
Accounting principles and procedu...,
What is phased completion,
What is sectional completion
582  cards
16 - Design and Specification
Accounting principles and procedu...,
What rics documentation guidance ...,
What is the critical path
163  cards
17 - Inspection
Accounting principles and procedu...,
What are the main rics guidance d...,
What are the keys changes introdu...
181  cards
18 - Legal/Regulatory Compliance
What are the main sections of the...,
What is supersession,
What is section 1 notice line of ...
337  cards
19 - Fire Safety
Accounting principles and procedu...,
What are the main types of fire a...,
What is the rr fs o 2005
86  cards
Conservation and Restoration
What factors would you consider w...,
114  cards
21 - Measurement
Conservation and restoration extr...,
What are the main rics document i...,
What are the ipms standards
81  cards
22 - Works Progress and Quality Management
Conservation and restoration extr...,
1 how do you check the product is...,
2 what do you if the contractor c...
84  cards
Case Study
How did you demonstrate value for...,
How did you decide on this contra...,
How did select the contractors fr...
45  cards
20 - Development and Project Briefs
Can you describe your approach to...,
How do you ensure that you unders...,
Can you give an example of a time...
16  cards

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