apprentice diesel technician

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Hydraulic Brake System Diagnosis
List two 2 alberta government act...,
A vehicle on which you did a brak...,
Asbestos is a health hazard what ...
28  cards
Hydraulic Brake Booster System Fundamentals and Service
1 name three 3 categories of powe...,
2 explain why vacuum type power b...,
Needs question
27  cards
Parking Brake System Fundamentals and Service
Explain the primary function of a...,
Name the brake system which the m...,
The equalizer bracket is used bet...
15  cards
Electric Trailer Brakes Fundamentals and Service 190103f
In an electric brake wheel assemb...,
In an electric brake wheel assemb...,
What is the function of the elect...
10  cards
Hydraulic Fundamentals 190103g
1 the definition of a fluid is,
2 the major difference between li...,
3 state pascals law
16  cards
Safety Legislation, Regulations and Industry Policy in the Trades
4 what are the first aid requirem...,
5 what is an employer responsibil...,
6 how is the workers compensation...
18  cards
Climbing, Lifting, Rigging and Hoisting
1 what standard must a full body ...,
2 how often must you inspect your...,
3 what is the minimum distance a ...
13  cards
Hazardous Materials and Fire Protection
1 who is responsible for providin...,
2 employers are responsible to a ...,
3 suppliers of controller product...
18  cards
Communications and Trade Specific Safety
1 a good knowledge of part compon...,
2 the most important persons in a...,
3 the person s most responsible f...
18  cards
Materials and Fastening Devices
I ferrous metals are metals that ...,
2 threads for cast iron are usual...,
3 which of the following has the ...
24  cards
Hand Shop and Power tools
1 hammers are selected for size b...,
2 the screwdriver blade that has ...,
3 the punch recommended for remov...
25  cards
Measuring Tools
1 the number of millimeters in on...,
The term which best describes the...,
3 force may be best described as ...
21  cards
Oxyacetylene Equipment, Heating and Cutting
1 goggles are worn when using oxy...,
2 technician a says it is accepta...,
3 to check for leaks in oxyacetyl...
21  cards
Frame and Suspension Fundamentals
1 list three 3 functions of a veh...,
2 the point at which the maximum ...,
3 a ladder type frame is made up ...
30  cards
Frame and Suspension Service
1 one possible cause for frame si...,
2 the difference between frame sa...,
3 corrosion of frame material can...
23  cards
Bearings and Seals
1 all bearings are designed to pr...,
2 axial loads may be offset by a ...,
3 crush is a tenn used to describ...
20  cards
Wheels, Tires and Hubs
1 name the two 2 basic styles of ...,
2 explain the main differences be...,
3 identify the two 2 types of dis...
30  cards
Trailer Systems and Components
I the main advantage of using a d...,
2 a highboy trailer has the deck ...,
3 two 2 advantages of a lowboy de...
17  cards
Coupling Units Fundamentals and Service
1 fifth wheel couplings are used ...,
2 the fifth wheel component that ...,
3 the purpose of the coupling jaw...
21  cards
Landing Gear Fundamentals and Service
1 fifth wheel couplings are used ...,
2 the fifth wheel component that ...,
3 the purpose of the coupling jaw...
21  cards
Landing Gear Fundamentals and Service Part 2
1 two 2 common types of landing g...,
2 the condition where gear set in...,
3 a gear set has an input gear wi...
8  cards
Orientation to Trailer Inspection
1 which of the following vehicles...,
2 any technician that holds a val...,
3 an inspection mechanic can issu...
12  cards
Preventive Maintenance
1 breakdown maintenance is a syst...,
2 identify three 3 hidden costs t...,
3 component failure and damage ca...
10  cards
Hydraulic Brake System Fundamentals
I a force of 800 n is applied to ...,
2 a brake system develops 350 psi...,
3 a 05 cm diameter master cylinde...
12  cards
Air antilock brake system fundamentals
1 what are the two 2 primary func...,
2 the tone ring is typically part...,
3 the modulator valves send and r...
22  cards
Air Brake System Testing and service 190105E
1 list nine 9 safety precautions ...,
2 when visually inspecting the co...,
3 a properly adjusted compressor ...
24  cards
Hydraulic Brake System Drum and Disc 190103b
1 brake drums used on medium duty...,
2 list three 3 functions of the d...,
3 brake shoe assemblies could be ...
25  cards
Hydraulic Brake System Diagnosis and Service 190103c
1 list two 2 alberta government a...,
2 a vehicle on which you did a br...,
3 asbestos is a health hazard wha...
28  cards
Hydraulic System Components: Reservoir, Filters, Hoses and Coolers 190103h
1 list four 4 functions of hydrau...,
2 the term viscosity refers to an...,
3 list three 3 results of using a...
35  cards
Communication - Part B A090101aB
Automotive Service Technician
50  cards
Engine Fundamentals
Development of the internal combu...,
An internal combustion engine con...,
The term compression ignition ref...
21  cards
Engine Block and Cylinder Liner Fundamentals 190201b pg39
The cylinder block of an engine a...,
The part of the cylinder block th...,
A typical inline cylinder block h...
12  cards
Engine Block and Cylinder Liner Service 190201c pg. 66
Which of the following should not...,
If a cylinder block is being clea...,
During cylinder block cleaning do...
25  cards
190201D Pg. 119 Piston, Piston Ring and Connecting Rod Fundamentals
Pg 1531 list the main components ...,
What temperature and pressure doe...,
Give a short example of why alumi...
22  cards
Piston and Connecting rod service pg 207
Give a brief explanation of why c...,
List two safety precautions when ...,
In preparation for piston and con...
30  cards
Crankshaft, Bearings and Related Component Fundamentals pg 248
List 2 functions of the crankshaft,
Identify the parts of the cranksh...,
What is the purpose of the intern...
24  cards
Crankshaft Bearings and Related Component Service
List 2 reasons for using proper l...,
Vibration dampeners that are pres...,
Explain why the main bearing caps...
34  cards
Camshaft and Follower Fundamentals.
0  cards
Engine Fundamentals
Development of the internal combu...,
An internal combustion engine con...,
The term compression ignition ref...
21  cards
Engine Block and Cylinder Liner Fundamentals
The cylinder block of an engine,
The part of the cylinder block th...,
A typical inline cylinder block h...
12  cards
Hydraulic Principles
List 4 advantages of hydraulic co...,
Work is defined as a a push or pu...,
Energy is defined as
26  cards
Hydraulic Pump Fundamentals
When the internal volume of a hyd...,
Pumps that have a constant pumpin...,
A pump termed reversible is able to
21  cards
Hydraulic Pump Service
Hydraulic pumps that are able to ...,
As pump outlet pressure increases...,
State the function of the trap in...
13  cards
Hydraulic Actuator Fundamentals
Pressurized oil is allowed to flo...,
Double acting cylinders are often...,
Leaking piston seals in a differe...
22  cards
Hydraulic Actuator Service
A method to check for internal le...,
A quick and acceptable method of ...,
It is possible to remove the dama...
8  cards
Hydraulic Valve II Part A
From the list below select two cl...,
For a pressure control valve the ...,
A relief valve that limits the pr...
23  cards
Hydraulic Valve II Part B
The most commonly used type of di...,
In the float position the directi...,
Closed center directional control...
15  cards
Hydraulic System Types
A hydraulic system is defined as,
Open center hydraulic systems are...,
Open center hydraulic systems are...
23  cards
Hydraulic System Testing and Service
List three sources of information...,
List four conditions that should ...,
It is useful to operate the machi...
22  cards
Match electrical system component...,
The function of the bucket kickou...,
Loader bucket kickout position an...
18  cards
Undercarriage Systems, Fundamentals and Service
Track tension and recoil mechanis...,
You are inspecting an undercarria...,
Multi purpose wear gauges are sui...
13  cards
Wheeled equipment steering fundamentals and service
Identify any five of the steering...,
A tractor scraper uses an articul...,
Some hydraulic oil reservoirs hav...
25  cards
Wheeled Equipment Steering Fundamentals and Service Part B
1 track tension and recoil mechan...,
2 track chain tension that is too...,
3 you are inspecting an undercarr...
13  cards
Wheeled Equipment Steering Fundamentals and Service Part B
Skid steer machines are only equi...,
The hydraulic steering pumps and ...,
The final drive system on a skid ...
5  cards
Suspension System Fundamentals and Service
Identify five functions of an off...,
A cushion hitch system acts as a ...,
On a cushion hitch assembly ident...
24  cards
Off Road Equipment Accessories and Attachments Part A
Two types of protective structure...,
Protective screens and guards may...,
When you repair a protective stru...
19  cards
Off Road Equipment Accessories and Attachments Part B
Cutting edges are heavy component...,
In many cases your are able to he...,
Identify the two main methods use...
6  cards
Off road electrical circuit fundamentals Part A
Equipment lighting circuits are u...,
There are three types of circuit ...,
The intensity of the instrument p...
16  cards
Off Road Electrical System Fundamentals Part B
Which of the following best descr...,
Which of the following is the mea...,
Which of the following is the com...
20  cards
Off Road Electrical Circuit Service
All electrical schematics are dra...,
Ohms law is used in calculating v...,
High electrical resistances in el...
10  cards
Gearing Principles
Gear teeth may be parallel to one...,
The gear pitch line is used to di...,
Explain why some angle drive gear...
15  cards
Torque Converter Fundamentals and Service
Identify the two major functions ...,
Identify two torque converter fea...,
Vortex flow is the greatest when ...
29  cards
Powershift and Automatic Transmission Mechanical and Electronic Components
The function of the transmission ...,
The major advantage of using powe...,
Powershift transmissions are most...
19  cards
Powershift and Automatic Transmission Control and Shifting
1 the three 3 hydraulic circuits ...,
2 oil flow for transmission contr...,
3 in a basic hydraulic shift cont...
22  cards
Hydraulic Retarder Fundamentals
Identify four 4 of the major hydr...,
2 explain the purpose of the hydr...,
3 explain the purpose of the reta...
9  cards
Powershift and Automatic Transmission Testing and Service
The first step ofa logical troubl...,
2 why is talking to the operator ...,
3 list four 4 things that should ...
20  cards
Tracked Equipment Steering Fundaments and Service
1 on a machine that is equipped w...,
A gradual turn is accomplished on...,
3 applying the track brake and di...
11  cards
Tracked Equipment Steering Fundaments and Service Part B
1 list three 3 advantages that a ...,
2 the function of the flushing va...,
3 the ecu of an electronically co...
9  cards
Undercarriage Systems Fundamentals and Service Part A
1 an undercarriage system must pr...,
2 the load carrying capacity of a...,
3 the stability of the machine is...
11  cards
Final Drive Fundamentals and Service (Off-Road)
1 identify two 2 functions of a f...,
2 which of the following can be u...,
3 planetary final drive systems c...
19  cards
Drive Axle and Carrier Fundamentals and Service (Off Road) - Part A
What are the five functions of th...,
The pinion bearing cage is always...,
The input drive pinion is in cons...
6  cards
Drive Axle and Carrier Fundamentals and Service (Off Road) - Part B
What are the five functions of th...,
2 the main function of the carrie...,
3 the pinion bearing cage is alwa...
17  cards
Clutch Fundamentals and Service
1 flywheel and clutch housing fac...,
2 why is the engagement pull in f...,
3 a typical overcentre clutch use...
11  cards

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