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3.1.1 Biological Molecules
What are polymers,
What are monomers,
Name the 3 elements all carbohydr...
105  cards
3.1.2 Cells and Cell Structure
Divide to make ____,
X multiply to make,
Describe how you convert cm
90  cards
3.1.3 Biochemical Reactions in Cells are Controlled by Enzymes
Enzymes can affect ______ and ___...,
Enzyme action can be intracellula...,
Explain how forming an enzyme sub...
50  cards
3.1.4 Transport into and out of Cells
What is a cell surface membrane,
What is the functions of membrane...,
Describe the
88  cards
3.1.5 Gas Exchange and the Transport of Oxygen in Living Organisms
Why do organisms need to exchange...,
Smaller animals have a _____ sa v...,
Why do multicellular organisms ne...
87  cards
3.1.6 Living Organisms Vary
What is variation,
What is intraspecific variation,
What is interspecific variation
46  cards
3.1.7 DNA, Genes & Chromosomes
What is the basic function of dna,
What is the main function of rna,
What do ribosomes do
57  cards
3.1.8 Protein Synthesis
When is mrna made,
Describe the structure of mrna,
What are 3 adjacent bases called
38  cards
3.1.9 Genetic Diversity may Arise by Meiosis
What are the gametes in plants,
Why do diploid cells ones that di...,
Explain how sexual reproduction
25  cards
3.1.10 Species and Taxonomy
Define species,
Describe how the binomial naming ...,
Why is the binomial naming system...
36  cards
3.1.11 Biodiversity within a Community
What is genetic diversity,
Name and explain 2 ways in which ...,
What does genetic diversity allow...
26  cards
3.2.1 The Causes of Disease: Pathogens, Lifestyle & Disease
Define pathogen,
Define infection,
Define disease
17  cards
3.2.2 Digestion and Absorption
The duodenum is connect to the _____,
The ileum is connect to the _____,
How is food physically brokwn down
41  cards
3.2.3 Cholera
What is the cause of cholera,
Describe the physical appearance ...,
How is cholera transmitted
17  cards
3.2.4 HIV
What is hiv,
What is aids,
What cells do hiv infect and use ...
38  cards
3.2.5 The Defensive Functions of Mammalian Blood
What is an antigen,
Describe how lymphocytes recognis...,
Name the 4 main stages of immune ...
55  cards
3.2.6 The Circulation of Blood and The Structure Of The Mammalian Heart
What is the function of the circu...,
Describe the 2 circuits the,
What the function of a vein
65  cards
3.2.7 Heart Disease may be Associated with Specific Risk Factors
Name the 3 stages of,
Name some of several layers that ...,
What can the plaque atheroma do a...
26  cards
3.2.8 Mass Transport Systems in Plants
What is the function of the xylem,
What are xylem vessels apart of,
Describe the structure of xylem v...
67  cards
3.2.9 The Role of Aphids in Spreading Plant Viruses
Describe the structure of plant v...,
How can plant viruses enter plants,
Once inside the plant what do vir...
12  cards
3.2.10 Cells Divide by Binary Fission and Mitosis
Cells that keep their ability to ...,
What is interphase,
Name the 2 phases that the cell c...
39  cards
3.2.11 Mutation and Cancer
What is a gene mutation,
Name 2 types of errors that occur,
What is deletion
42  cards
3.3.1 The Effect of Biotic and Abiotic Factors on Populations
Define habitat,
Define community
61  cards
3.3.2 Photosynthesis
Describe how atp is synthesised,
What enzyme,
Where is the energy stored in atp
77  cards
3.3.3 Respiration
What do both aerobic and anaerobi...,
Where does glycolysis occur,
Is glycolysis are anaerobic or ae...
61  cards
3.3.4 Energy Transfer Through Ecosystems
What is biomass,
What can biomass be thought as,
How is biomass measured in terms ...
45  cards
3.3.5 Nutrient Cycles
Natural ecosystem not changed by ...,
Many microorganisms eg bacteria a...,
What do saprobionts do and what d...
55  cards
3.3.6 Inheritance
Define gene,
Define phenotype,
Define phenotype
54  cards
3.3.7 Allele Frequencies in Populations
Define gene pool,
Define genetic bottlenecks
16  cards
3.3.8 Evolution may lead to Speciation
What is evolution,
Name 2 methods in which evolution...,
Describe how natural selection oc...
32  cards
3.4.1 Control Systems Involve Stimulus and Response
What do receptors do,
What can receptors be,
What are effectors
28  cards
3.4.2 Receptors
Receptors only,
Describe a receptor in its restin...,
What is the difference in charge ...
38  cards
3.4.3 Nerve Impulses and Synaptic Transmission
State the function of sensory neu...,
State the function of motor neurones,
State the function of motor neurones
71  cards
3.4.4 Skeletal Muscles as Effectors
Muscles act as _____ and are stim...,
What is skeletal muscle made up of,
What is sarcolemma
67  cards
3.4.5 Control Systems in Plants
Why do rlowering plants respond t...,
Give examples of how flowering pl...,
What is tropism
34  cards
3.4.6 Homeostasis and Negative Feedback
What is meant by homeostasis,
Explain what happens to enzymes w...,
Explain what happens when the bod...
20  cards
3.4.7 Hormones and the Control of Blood Glucose Concentration
What organ monitors blood glucose...,
When blood glucose levels are too...,
Name 2 factors that affect glucos...
39  cards
3.4.8 Control of Heart Rate
Cardiac muscle myogenic,
What part of the brain controls t...,
Why do animals need to alter thei...
12  cards
3.4.9 Regulation of Transcription and Translation
What is epigenetics,
In eukaryotes what determines whe...,
How does epigenetic control work
67  cards
3.4.10 Recombinant DNA Technology
What is recombinant dna,
What does the production of dna f...,
Explain why involves transferring...
58  cards
Practical Skills
What is,
Define precise,
Define valid
51  cards

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