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Cardiovascular System
What is the definition of health,
What is the definition of fitness,
What is the definition of physica...
113  cards
Respiratory System
Why do we need oxygen,
What is respiration,
What is ventilation
43  cards
The Neuromuscular System
What does the autonomic nervous s...,
How does the autonomic nervous sy...,
How is the movement of muscles co...
57  cards
Biomechanical Principles and Levers
What represents the levers,
What presents joints
40  cards
The Musculoskeletal System
What are the three types of joints,
Fibrous joints are,
Cartilaginous joints are
62  cards
Skill Acquisition
Define skill,
Give the meaning of lace face cha...,
What is a continuum
107  cards
Sport in Pre-Industrial Britain (pre-1780)
What was life like in pre industr...,
What is feudal system,
What is popular recreations
31  cards
Sport in Industrial & Post Industrial Britain (1780-1900)
Define rational recreation,
What does rational recreations su...,
Who was dr william penny brookes
45  cards
Sport in Post World War II (1950 - Present)
What are the factors that are giv...,
How did urbanisation help the gro...,
How did more free time help the g...
28  cards
Sport and Society
Define society,
Define socialisation,
Define primary socialisation
28  cards
Diet and Nutrition
What are the two types of carbohy...,
Give characteristics of simple ca...,
Where are simple carbohydrates found
59  cards
Preparation and Training
Define quantitative data,
Define qualitative data,
Define objective data
49  cards
Skill Acquisition - Feedback & Guidance
What is positive feedback,
What is negative feedback,
What is extrinsic feedback
29  cards
Skill Acquisition - Practice
Define whole practice,
What stage of learning is whole p...,
What skill classifications is who...
26  cards
Skill Acquisition - Skill and Transfer
Define skill,
Apply consistent to a sporting ex...,
Apply aesthetically pleasing to a...
35  cards
Sports Psychology - Group Cohesion
Define cohesion,
What are the types of cohesion,
Task cohesion is focused on
22  cards
Skill Acquisition - Learning Theories
Define the cognitive stage of lea...,
Define associative stage of learning,
Define autonomous stage of learning
27  cards
Skill Acquisition - Memory Models
How many pieces of information ca...,
How long can the short term senso...,
What does the short term sensory ...
46  cards
CV System - Health and Fitness
What is the definition of health,
What is the definition of fitness,
What is atherosclerosis
16  cards
CV System - Regulation of Heart Responses
Definitions of SV - Q - HR - Venous Return, Role of Receptors, Starlings Law
38  cards
CV System - The heart and Cardiac Conduction System
What is the definition of systole,
What is the definition of diastole,
What vein carries blood back to t...
30  cards
CV System - Vascular System & Venous Return
What is the vascular system made of,
What are the two types of circula...,
What are the five different blood...
18  cards
CV System - The transportation of oxygen & VO2 Diff
What is plasma,
What is haemoglobin hb,
What is myoglobin
24  cards
Respiratory System
What is diffusion,
What is gaseous exchange,
What is needed for expiration
36  cards
Sport Psychology - Personality
Define personality,
Name 3 theories of personality,
What does the nature approach of ...
12  cards
Sport Psychology - Attitudes
Define attitude,
Name 4 ways that attitudes can be...,
Explain past experiences
18  cards
Sport Psychology - Arousal
Define arousal,
Name the three theories of arousal,
What does drive theory state
12  cards
Sport Psychology - Anxiety and Stress Management
Define anxiety,
Name 4 types of anxiety,
Define somatic anxiety
33  cards
Sport Psychology - Aggression
Define aggression,
Define assertion,
No intent to harm but injury may ...
24  cards
Sport Psychology - Motivation and Achievement Motivation
Define motivation,
Name 2 types of motivation,
Name 2 types of extrinsic motivation
24  cards
Sport Psychology - Social Facilitation
Define social facilitation,
Define social inhibition,
Name the 4 types of audience
14  cards
Sport Psychology - Group Dynamics
Name 3 characteristics of a group,
Name the 5 stages of group formation,
What happens in the forming stage...
22  cards
Sports Psychology - Goal Setting
What are the benefits of goal set...,
What are the three types of goals,
What are outcome goals
16  cards
Sports Psychology - Attribution Theory
What is attribution theory,
What was weiner 1974,
What is the locus of causality
16  cards
Sport Psychology - Leadership
Name 5 characteristics of an effe...,
Name the two types of leader,
Define a prescribed leader
19  cards
Sport Psychology - Confidence and Self-Efficacy
Define confidence,
Define trait confidence,
Define state confidence
11  cards

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