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aqa a level psychology

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Approaches- Social Learning Theory
What are the key assumptions of s...,
What is vicarious reinforcement,
What are the mediastinal processes
11  cards
Research Methods
Why do we do a peer reviews,
How are peer reviews done,
Disadvantages of peer reviews
114  cards
Memory Exam Questions
Research has suggested that the e...,
According to the multi store mode...,
The multi store model of memory p...
5  cards
Attachment exam questions
What is meant by the term attachm...,
Name three stages in the developm...,
Describe one way in which psychol...
26  cards
Includes definitions of abnormality, depression, phobias
45  cards
Approaches- origins of psychology
Who is the father of psychology,
What is introspection,
What is structuralism
6  cards
Approaches- Behaviourist approach
What are the assumptions of the b...,
What is classical conditioning,
What are the assumptions of class...
11  cards
A2 Biopsychology
What does hemispheric lateralisat...,
What is t he function of the occi...,
What is the function of the motor
72  cards
Social Influence
Conformity what is conformity,
Conformity what are the explanati...,
Conformity what are the different...
42  cards
What is meant by the term attachm...,
Describe and evaluate ainsworth s...,
Outline and evaluate research int...
12  cards
Issues and Debates
Gender bias what does universalit...,
Gender bias what is alpha bias an...,
Gender bias what is beta bias
48  cards
Gender advanced info flashcards
Ao1 explain the role of chromosom...,
Ao1 explain the role of gondal ho...,
Ao1 explain the role of testoster...
35  cards
Forensic Psychology Advanced Info Flashcards
Ao1 what is offender profiling,
Ao1 what is the top down approach,
Ao1 what are the stages of the of...
44  cards
Attachment advanced info
Ao1what was the aim of harlows study,
A01 what was the procedure of har...,
Ao1 what were the findings of har...
56  cards
Schizophrenia advanced info
Outline the schizophrenogenic mot...,
Outline the double blind theory o...,
Outline expressed emotion
53  cards
Issues and debates advanced info
Gender bias not on advanced info ...,
Culture bias not on advanced info...,
Free will and determinismwhat is ...
38  cards
Biopsychology advanced info
Ao1 localisation of function outl...,
Ao1 localisation of function outl...,
Ao localisation of functionoutlin...
27  cards
Psychopathology advanced info
Definitions of abnormality explai...,
Definitions of abnormality evalua...,
Definitions of abnormality explai...
39  cards
Memory Advanced Info
Ao1 how came up with the multi st...,
Ao1 outline how the sensory regis...,
Ao1 multi store memory model outl...
23  cards
Social influence: advanced info
Obedience ao what was milgrams ba...,
Evaluation of milgram studythere ...,
Ao outline milgram situational va...
34  cards
Approaches- Advanced info
What are the assumptions of the b...,
Ao1outline classical conditioning,
Ao1 what are the processes of cla...
25  cards
aqa a level psych
0  cards

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