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Dr Jekyll And Hyde
0  cards
Unseen Poetry
0  cards
NLMG - 11 key quotes
I saw a new world coming rapidly ...,
I lost ruth then i lost tommy but...,
We took away your art because we ...
11  cards
NLMG context
Dolly the sheep,
25  cards
Macbeth - Context
William shakespeare,
James i of england james vi of sc...
35  cards
Terminology - NLMG & Macbeth
55  cards
Power and Conflict Poetry - REMAINS
On another occasion,
Tosses carted off,
Rips through his life sort of ins...
50  cards
War Photographer
Finally alone,
Spools of suffering set out in or...
23  cards
Line by Line Mr Salles Analysis of Remains
Context the not dead,
On another occasion,
Legs it
31  cards
J+H - Women and Femininity
Never she used to say with stream...,
Under which the bones were audibl...,
And many women of different natio...
5  cards
J+H - Christianity
This was the shocking thing that ...
1  cards
J+H - Appearances
None the less natural to me becau...,
The large handsome face of dr jek...,
A large well made smooth faced ma...
4  cards
House as a metaphor J+H
Wore a great air of wealth and co...,
For even in the houses the fog be...,
A certain sinister block of buili...
5  cards
J+H - Drugs
Well sir every day ay and twice a...,
Maladies that both torture and de...,
I risked death for any drug that ...
3  cards
Friendship - J+H
Trio were inseperable friendswhat...,
For ever despised and friendlessi...
2  cards
J+h - Good vs Evil
Evil finally destroyed the balanc...,
Evolution the man seems hardly hu...,
Ape like tricks scrawling in my o...
3  cards
Duality - J+H
The animal within me licking the ...,
I have doomed to such a dreadful ...,
Polar twons should be continuousl...
5  cards
Repression/Homosexuality - J+H
Queer street,
Where his friend lay asleep the c...
5  cards
Macbeth - the witches / supernatural
In thunder lightning or in rain,
There to meet with macbeth
18  cards
J+H - Nature Of Evil (Essay Prediction)
Damned juggernaut,
Trampled calmly over the child s ...
18  cards
Checking Out Me History Analysis
Agard s purpose,
Dem tell medem tell mewha dem wan...,
Dem tell me bout 1066 and all dat...
17  cards
Kamikaze Analysis
Her father embarked at sunrisewit...,
And enough fuel for a one way jou...,
He must have looked far downat th...
26  cards
Exposure Analysis
What does exposure mean,
Half rhymes us nervous and silent...,
Our brains ache in the merciless ...
38  cards
NLMG Ending Analysis
The kingsfield,
The buildings look more like wast...,
Held in wire mesh fences the square
33  cards
NLMG Beginning Analysis
England late 1990s,
My name is kathy h,
I ve been a carer now for over el...
17  cards

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