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aqa gcse physics

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8  cards Energy Stores and Systems
What happens when a system changes,
E stores
24  cards Changes in Energy
Work done,
How do you calculate work done,
How do you calculate the kinetic ...
9  cards Energy Changes in Systems
Principle of conservation of mass,
E transfers pathways
2  cards
Required Practical Activity 1
Method for investigation to deter...,
Diagram for for investigation to ...,
Sources of inaccuracy and how to ...
3  cards Power
Calculating power,
What is an energy transfer of 1 j...
5  cards Energy Transfers in a System
Principle of conservation of energy,
What is the input and output of e...,
When is energy dissipated and giv...
8  cards
Required Practical Activity 2
Method to compare the effectivene...,
Diagram for investigating the eff...,
Independent variable when investi...
9  cards Efficiency
Sankey diagram,
3  cards
4.1.3 National and Global Energy Resources
The main energy resources availab...,
Renewable energy,
Non renewable energy
47  cards Standard Circuit Diagram Symbols
Open switch,
Closed switch,
14  cards Electrical and Charge Current
For electrical charge to flow thr...,
What is charge measured in,
The baker model what everything r...
14  cards Current, Resistance and Potential Difference
What does current through a compo...,
The greater the resistance,
What does electric potential measure
26  cards
Required Practical 3 - Use circuit diagrams to set up and check appropriate circuits to investigate the factors affecting the resistance fo electrical circuits
Circuit diagram to calculate resi...,
Method to calculate resistance in...,
Independent variable when calcula...
10  cards
Required Practical Activity 4
Circuit diagram to find i v chara...,
Method to find i v characteristic...,
Graph of current and potential di...
18  cards Resistors
How does resistance work,
What does resistance tell us,
Ohm s law
20  cards
4.2.2 Series and Parallel Circuits
What are the two ways of doing el...,
For components connected in series,
For components connected in parallel
7  cards Direct and Alternating Potential Difference
Direct current,
Common sources of direct pd,
Alternating current
11  cards Mains Electricity
How are electrical appliances con...,
What is mains electricity in the uk,
What frequency and potential diff...
17  cards Power
What is the power transfer in any...,
What is 1 watt equivalent to
7  cards Energy Transfers in Everyday Appliances
What are every day electrical app...,
What does the amount of energy an...,
How do different domestic applian...
7  cards The National Grid
The national grid,
What is the national grid used to do,
What are step up transformers use...
6  cards Static Charge
When two insulating materials are...,
When two electrically charged obj...,
Electrical conductor
22  cards Electric Fields
What does a charged object create...,
What is an electric field,
Where is an electric field the st...
10  cards Density of Materials
The density of a material id defi...,
G to kg,
Cm3 to m3
4  cards
Required Practical Activity 5
What two broad categories can obj...,
Method for determining the densit...,
Method for determining the densit...
4  cards Changes of State
What happens when you heat a solid,
What happens when you heat a liquid,
What happens when you cool a gas
8  cards Internal Energy
Movement of solid particles,
Movement of liquid particles,
Movement of gas particles
14  cards Temperature Changes in a System and Specific Heat Capacity
What happens if the temperature o...,
Specific heat capacity,
Formula to calculate change in en...
4  cards Changes of State and Specific Latent Heat
Heating curve heating a system ex...,
Cooling curve cooling a system,
Latent heat
7  cards Particle Motion in Gases
How are the particles of a gas ar...,
What is the pressure of a gas due to,
How can we increase the pressure ...
17  cards Pressure in Gases (physics only)
What can happen to a gas by press...,
What happens to a gas if it is in...,
What happens to a gas if it is in...
9  cards Increasing the Pressure of a Gas (physics only)
What does doing work on a gas do,
Why do bicycle pumps get warm
7  cards The Structure of an Atom
Size and radius of atoms,
What is the basic structure of an...,
What is the radius of a nucleus c...
6  cards Mass Number, Atomic Number and Isotopes
What is the charge of atoms and why,
What do all atoms of a particular...,
Atomic number
6  cards The Development of the Model of the Atom
What may lead to a scientific mod...,
What was an atom thought to be be...,
What did the disovery of the elec...
8  cards Radioactive Decay and Nuclear Radiation
Radioactive decay,
Count rate
11  cards Nuclear Equations
Nuclear equations,
What does beta decay cause,
What does the emission of a gamma...
5  cards Half-lives and the Random Nature of Radioactive Decay
Is radioactive decay regular,
Half life,
Why is substance having short hal...
3  cards Radioactive Contamination
Radioactive contamination,
What is the hazard from contamina...,
7  cards Background Radiation
What is around us all the time,
What does background radiation co...,
What may the level of background ...
5  cards Different Half-lives of Radioactive Isotopes
What do radioactive isotopes have,
Hazards of radioactive material w...,
Hazards of radioactive material w...
3  cards Uses of Nuclear Radiation
Uses of nuclear radiations in med...,
Explanation of use of radiation a...,
Explanation of use of radiation a...
4  cards Nuclear Fission
Nuclear fission,
How common is spontaneous fission,
What usually needs to take place ...
14  cards Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear fusion,
What is a natural fusion reactor,
Why should nuclear fusion be pursued
5  cards Scalar and Vector Quantities
How are vector quantities represe...
5  cards Contact and Non-contact Forces
What are all forces between object,
Contact force
18  cards Gravity
How are the weight and mass of an...,
W weight
18  cards Resultant Forces
Resultant force,
Free body diagrams,
What is the difference between fr...
15  cards
4.5.2 Work Done and Energy Transfer
How do you calculate the work don...,
Work done,
When is work done on an object
4  cards
4.5.3 Forces and Elasticity
Hooke s law
14  cards
Required Practical Activity 6 - Investigate the relationship between force and extension of a spring
Ways to avoid errors,
Method for investigating the link...,
Equipment list
13  cards
Elastic Band Force Extension Practical
Equipment list,
What is the relationship between ...
2  cards
4.5.4 Moments, Levers, and Gears (physics only)
What may a force cause,
Examples of forces which cause ro...
15  cards Pressure in a Fluid 1
What can a fluid be,
What does pressure in fluids cause,
Formula for pressure
9  cards Pressure in a Fluid 2 (HT only)
Equation for pressure due to a co...,
How does the depth of a liquid af...,
How does the density of a liquid ...
19  cards Atmospheric Pressure
What is the atmosphere,
Where is the atmosphere the most ...,
What is atmospheric pressure caus...
12  cards Distance and Displacement
2  cards Speed
Formula for speed,
Formula for average speed
12  cards Velocity
What does motion in a circle involve,
What does it mean if a velocity i...
3  cards The Distance–Time Relationship
If an object moves in a straight ...,
How can you calculate the speed f...,
Formula for gradient
7  cards Acceleration
Acceleration formula,
Constant force applied
19  cards Newton's First Law
Newton s first law,
When a vehicle travels at a stead...,
Free body diagram for throwing a ...
9  cards Newton’s Second Law
Newton s second law,
Equation for newton s second law,
What is the relationship between ...
5  cards
Required Practical Activity 7
Method for investigating how vary...,
What will provide the force actin...,
Conclusion for investigating how ...
14  cards Newton’s Third Law
Newton s third law,
Example of free body diagram that...,
Examples of a newton s third law ...
8  cards Stopping Distance
Stopping distance,
Thinking distance,
Stopping distance for a vehicle t...
9  cards Factors Affecting Braking Distance 2
What happens when a force is appl...,
The greater the speed of the vehicle,
The greater the braking force
3  cards Factors that Affect Braking Distance 1
Braking distance,
Factors that might affect braking...,
What does increasing the speed of...
3  cards
Required Practical Activity 7 - 2nd Experiment
Apparatus for investigating how v...,
Method for investigating how vary...,
Conclusion for investigating how ...
3  cards Momentum is a Property of Moving Objects
Equation to calculate momentum,
What objects have momentum
3  cards Conservation of Momentum
Conservation of momentum,
Cannon ball example for conservat...
2  cards Changes in Momentum
What happens when a force acts on...,
What effect does impact time have...,
What is the combined velocity fol...
9  cards Transverse and Longitudinal Waves
What are the two types of waves,
What is it that moves when a wave...
9  cards Properties of Waves
10  cards
Required Practical 8 - Measure the frequency, wavelength and speed of waves in a ripple tank and waves in a solid and take appropriate measurements
What is a ripple tank,
What happens when light shines th...,
Method for measuring the frequenc...
9  cards Reflection of Waves (physics only)
Law of reflection,
Diffuse reflection,
Specular reflection
11  cards
Required Practical 9 - Investigate the reflection and refraction of light by different substances
Apparatus used to investigate the...,
Hazards when investigating the re...,
What is important to do with ray ...
7  cards Sound Waves (physics only) (HT only)
What can sound waves travel through,
What restricts the limits of huma...,
How do humans hear sound
21  cards Waves for Detection and Exploration (physics only) (HT only)
How can ultrasound be used to det...,
Uses of ultrasound explanation
20  cards Types of Electromagnetic Waves
Electromagnetic waves,
What do em waves form,
How are em waves grouped
6  cards Properties of Electromagnetic Waves 1
What happens when a light ray ent...,
What happens when a wave enters a...,
What is a wave front
8  cards Properties of Electromagnetic Waves 2
How are em waves generated throug...,
How does nuclear decay generate e...,
Where do gamma rays originate from
10  cards Uses and applications of Electromagnetic Waves
Uses of radio waves,
Uses of microwaves,
Why do you get no ionising radiat...
7  cards Lenses (physics only)
How does a lens form an image,
What do all lenses do,
What does where the lines meet on...
17  cards Visible Light (physics only)
What does each colour within the ...,
Specular reflection,
Diffuse reflection
13  cards Emission and Absorption of Infrared Radiation
What do all bodies do,
What is a perfect black body,
What surfaces are the best absorb...
4  cards Perfect Black Bodies and Radiation
What do all bodies objects do,
What does the emission of radiati...,
What is a body at a constant temp...
13  cards Poles of a Magnet
What are the poles of a magnet,
What happens when 2 magnets are b...,
What do like poles do
7  cards Magnetic Fields
Magnetic field,
What is the force between a magne...,
What can be used as a test for a ...
7  cards Electromagnetism
What happens when a current flows...,
What does the strength of the mag...,
How do you increase the strength ...
11  cards Flemming's Left Hand Rule (HT only)
Motor effect,
General motor effect question ans...,
How does an electric bell work
9  cards Electric Motors (HT only)
Electric motor,
Why will a current carrying coil ...,
What is a split ring commutator a...
6  cards Loudspeakers (physics only) (HT only)
What do loudspeakers and headphon...,
Description of moving coil loudsp...,
How does a moving coil loudspeake...
6  cards Induced Potential (HT only)
How is induced potential and indu...,
When can you only see the generat...,
What happens when you move a magn...
8  cards Uses of the Generator Effect (HT only)
What is the generator effect used in,
How is the generator effect used ...,
What does a generator look like
13  cards Microphones (HT only)
What do microphones use,
How does a moving coil microphone...,
Description of a moving coil micr...
4  cards Transformers
What does a basic transformer con...,
Why is iron used as a core in tra...,
What does the ratio of pd across ...
13  cards Our Solar System
What is within our solar system,
What is our solar system part of,
What was the sun formed from
7  cards The Life Cycle of a Star
What does a star go through,
What is a star s life cycle deter...,
Diagram of the life cycle of star...
7  cards Orbital Motion, Natural and Artificial Satellites
What does gravity provide,
What holds planets in orbit aroun...,
What is the moon
7  cards
4.8.2 Red Shift (physics only)
What is red shift,
What does red shift tell us,
Difference between nearby and dis...
12  cards

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