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Decks in this class (43) Introduction to Biological Molecules
What are the units of the mole,
Individual biological molecules t...,
Which type of reaction take place...
39  cards Carbohydrates - Monosaccharides to Polysaccharides
Name a structural polysaccharide,
Identify the monosaccharide,
Which elements make up carbohydrates
40  cards Reducing and Non-Reducing Sugar Tests
How would you carry out a benedic...,
What do the followign instruction...,
What do we mean when we say that ...
20  cards Polysaccharides structure and function and the starch test
How is the structure of cellulose...,
Which type of bond forms between ...,
Unbranched starch amylose coils i...
35  cards
3.1.3 Lipids - Triglycerides, Phospholipids and the Emulsion Test
Which 3 elements do lipids contain,
Which part of a phospholipid is h...,
Identify the molecule
40  cards Proteins - structure, function and biuret test
What decides the amino acid seque...,
Describe the ionic bonds that hol...,
What does biuret reagent contain
47  cards Proteins - Enzyme Action
How did scientists discover the i...,
What is a substrate,
Why are enzymes essential to orga...
25  cards Proteins - Factors Affecting Enzyme Action
For an enzyme to work it must,
How can the progress of an enzyme...,
Explain the initial rate of react...
20  cards Proteins - Enzymes and Digestion
The 2 stages of digestion in huma...,
What is the function of the pancreas,
Give some examples of proteases i...
55  cards Absorption of the Products of Digestion
What does the diagram show,
What happens to triglycerides whi...,
What does the diagram show
42  cards Structure of DNA and RNA
Dna is made from which monomer,
Name the 3 components of a nucleo...,
In dna which base complements gua...
43  cards DNA Replication
Name the scientists who confirmed...,
Identify the method of dna replic...,
Define nuclear division
18  cards
3.1.6 Energy and ATP
Why is glucose not a good immedia...,
If an inorganic phosphate molecul...,
What is the equation for respiration
30  cards Eukaryotic Cell Structure
Is this a eukaryotic or prokaryot...,
Identify the organelle of the ani...,
Identify the organelle of the ani...
87  cards Organelle Structure and Function
What is the nuclear membrane,
What are nuclear pores,
What is the nucleoplasm
39  cards - Specialised Cells
What are the 7 life processes,
What do we call the cell formed a...,
A zygote is what type of cell
43  cards - Structure of Prokaryotic Cells
Identify the missing label,
Do prokaryotes have a nucelus
48  cards - Light and Electron Microscopes
The thing that you see when lpook...,
What are the disadvantages of a l...,
Evaluate the light microscope
32  cards - Cell Calculations and AIM Triangle
Identify what is missing from the...,
How do we calculate magnification,
1 m in m
18  cards
3.2.2 - Mitosis and Cell Cycle
What are the 4 stages of mitosis,
What does the diagram show,
Cancer is caused by uncontrolled ...
37  cards - Cell Membrane Structure and Function
All membranes,
What do we call the plasma membra...,
What is the funciton of a cell su...
30  cards - Simple and Facilitated Diffusion
Diffusion is an example of,
In diffusion the motion of the pa...,
In diffusion the direction of par...
23  cards - Osmosis
The passive movement of water fro...,
Osmosis involves the movement of,
By adding more solute the a solut...
17  cards - Active Transport
The movement of molecules or ions...,
Difference between active transpo...,
Differences between active transp...
15  cards - Cell Recognition
Why is a fetus rarely infected by...,
What is immunity,
Does the body produce specific ly...
22  cards - Phagocytosis
How do phagocytes protect against...,
What is phagocytosis,
T lymphocytes can be one of 2 typ...
9  cards - Cell Mediated Immunity
Which type of,
Where can non self antigens be fo...,
Can t lymphocytes bind to non sel...
12  cards - Humoral Immunity
What is meant by humoral immunity,
How many different b lymphocytes ...,
B lymphocytes can develop into wh...
10  cards - Monoclonal Antibodies
What is,
Identify the missing label,
Identify the missing label
21  cards - Vaccination
What does a vaccine contain,
How does a vaccine lead to the pr...,
Difference between passive and ac...
15  cards - HIV
What does hiv stand for,
What does aids stand for,
Is it possible to catch aids why
21  cards
3.3.1 Surface area to volume ratio
The name given to the environment...,
Single celled organisms can match...,
Exchange of materials in living o...
22  cards
3.3.2 Gas Exchange
Fish explain how the gills allow ...,
Fish explain how the highly folde...,
Fish describe and explain how the...
36  cards Mass Transport in animals
Give some ways in which cardiac o...,
Explain what causes the blood pre...,
Explain why a vein is described a...
33  cards Mass Transport in plants
Explain how the active transport ...,
The presence of an air bubble in ...,
Explain how water enters a plant ...
23  cards DNA, genes and chromosomes
What is a gene,
What is the locus,
What factors determine the nature...
25  cards
3.4.2 DNA and protein synthesis
Define genome,
Define proteome,
Define codon
36  cards
3.4.3 Genetic Diversity - mutations and meiosis
Describe ways in which meiosis co...,
Explain what happens to chromosom...,
Describe how meiosis causes varia...
27  cards
3.4.4 Genetic diversity and adaptation
Define genetic diversity,
Apart from genetic factors what o...,
What is a species
28  cards
3.4.5 Species and taxonomy
What are the 5 things courtship b...,
What does classifying animals all...,
What are the 2 types of classific...
34  cards
3.4.6 Biodiversity within a community
The demand for increased food pro...,
Why might animal species diversit...,
Explain why it may be more useful...
19  cards
3.4.7 Investigating diversity
Describe how comparisons of biolo...,
What does standard deviation show,
What can be said about the data c...
29  cards
3.1.7 and 8 water and other ions
Give a property of water,
Why is it useful to living organi...,
Why is it useful to living cells ...
7  cards

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