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Controlling idea,
14  cards
Science Questions
Which cells excrete pepsinogen,
Which organ is responsible for a ...,
Sensory neurons
44  cards
General Anatomy & Physiology
3 main parts of a cell,
Plasma membrane is made of
28  cards
Respiratory system
Upper respiratory tract,
Lower respiratory tract,
How many lobes on the right lung
23  cards
Cardiovascular system
4 main components of the cardiova...,
What side of the heart is the pul...,
What side of the the heart is the...
12  cards
GI system
What is a weird name for gi system,
What are the 5 steps of digestion,
What are stomach folds called and...
20  cards
Neuromuscular system
What does the cns consist of,
What is the peripheral nervous sy...,
Afferent neurons
19  cards
Reproductive system
What are gametes,
Difference between mitosis and me...,
12  cards
Integumentary system
What makes up the integumentary s...,
What are the three layer of the s...,
Epidermis layer
12  cards
Endocrine system
What are the 10 organs of the end...,
Which is a slower and more prolon...,
Name an organ that is both exocri...
16  cards
Genitourinary system
What are the two major divisions ...,
What is the functional unit of th...
20  cards
Immune system
26  cards
Skeletal system
What makes up bones,
How man y bones are in the human ...,
37  cards
Biological Micromolecules
How much of the body is made of m...,
What are the 3 classes of monomer...
21  cards
Chromosomes, genes, DNA
Phosphodiester bond,
What are the 4 bases that make up...,
What is the backbone of dna made of
20  cards
Mendelian Genetics (Laws of heredity)
Parental generation p,
Filial generation fn
19  cards
The structure of atoms
How does the periodic table organ...,
How many known elements are there
19  cards
Properties of substances
Intensive physical properties,
Specific heat capacity,
Extensive properties
8  cards
States of matter
What is the temp of absolute zero,
What does a substances state of m...,
6  cards
Chemical reactions
Chemical reactions can happen bet...,
19  cards
Scientific measurements
What is the si for length,
What is the si for mass,
What is the si for time
13  cards
Constructing conclusions from data
Empirical data,
Independent variable,
Dependent variable
4  cards
Cause and effect, hypothesis and expiramentation
Temporal sequence,
T or f the hypothesis needs to be...
2  cards
What is a prime factorization,
Least common multiple lcm,
How do you find the least common ...
39  cards

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