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Audit and Attestation Green Book Lee
Types of services a cpa can provide,
Assurance services include,
What is assurance service are acc...
104  cards
Auditing and More White Book Hogan
What is auditing,
What is the audit process,
Statement on auditing standard sa...
23  cards
Audit Evidence Ivory Book Tidrick
What is the performance principle,
What is the definition of audit e...,
What is included in audit evidence
64  cards
Internal Control Ivory Book Tidrick
What is internal control,
Who is responsible for the design...,
What is the auditors responsibili...
55  cards
Audit Sampling Ivory Book Tidrick
What is sampling,
What is a population,
What is non statistical sampling
15  cards
Study Unit 1: questions
An engagement to express an opini...,
Peer reviews essentially are,
The following procedure would be ...
52  cards
Study Unit 3: questions
What is an audit plan,
If specialized skills are needed ...,
The engagement partner responsibl...
58  cards
Roger mnemonics
What is unconditional requirement...,
What are the 10 gaas,
Attestation engagements independe...
33  cards
Study Unit 2: questions
Known misrepresentations of facts...,
The aicpa code of professional co...,
The risk based approach evaluates...
43  cards
AICPA and PCAOB Red book Sinason
What is professional ethics code,
What are the 6 principles of prof...,
Anytime you are issuing an opinio...
34  cards
Study Unit 4: questions
The auditor may request direct as...,
Assessing competence involves obt...,
Assessing objectivity includes ob...
26  cards
Study Unit 5: questions
Is incompatible duties considered...,
What is the limitation inherent t...,
In an audit of financial statemen...
41  cards
Study Unit 6: questions
An auditor would consider a cashi...,
Sound internal control principles...,
An auditor tests an entity s poli...
12  cards
Study Unit 7: questions
In testing controls over cash dis...,
Who is responsible for approving ...,
What are the procedures performed...
37  cards
Study Unit 8: questions
The auditor should perform tests ...,
The risks of material misstatemen...,
Once a deviation is discovered by...
23  cards
Study Unit 9: questions
What kind of deficiencies are req...,
What is a significant deficiency,
What is material weakness
21  cards
SIMS review
Transmission protocols,
Value added networks,
8  cards
Study Unit 10: questions
Evidence is usally more reliable ...,
Tracing the details of test count...,
The objective of tests of details...
28  cards
Study Unit 11: questions
An auditor is required to confirm...,
Confirmation of accounts receivab...,
A cutoff test of sales complement...
13  cards
Study Unit 12: questions
When using confirmations to provi...,
In an audit of a purchasing depar...,
The search for unrecorded payable...
20  cards
Study Unit 13: questions
The auditor who interviews the pl...,
An analysis of which of the follo...,
The auditor may conclude that dep...
35  cards
Study Unit 14: questions
Who is resonsible to make sure th...,
What is a primary means of corrob...,
Which of the following statements...
39  cards
Study Unit 19: questions
In a compilation the accounting w...,
What date should the compilation ...,
Should a compilation report state...
30  cards
Study Unit 16: questions
The accuracy of information inclu...,
Eagle company s financial stateme...,
What are the financial statement ...
38  cards
Study Unit 17: questions
When a cpa decides to rely on the...,
Which of the following is not a r...,
When a group auditor decides to r...
36  cards
Study Unit 18: questions
A modification of interim financi...,
If there is uncertainty or if the...,
The objective of a review of inte...
40  cards
Study Unit 20: questions
According to an additional requir...,
Reporting on internal control und...,
Shouse the auditor express limite...
34  cards
Study Unit 15: questions
When using sampling for substanti...,
What is non sampling risk,
What is sampling risk
44  cards
Study Unit 8: questions
General improvements to leased pr...,
Property plant and equipment are ...,
The cost of the group of assets a...
19  cards

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