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Chapter 7: Responsibilities
What aspects of business risk are...,
According to the companies act 20...,
What are directors assigned respo...
38  cards
Chapter 8: Professional Standards
What does audit regulation promote,
What are all assurance engagement...,
What is the iaasb and who are mem...
26  cards
Chapter 9: Professional Ethics
What extra threat is identified i...,
Who are covered persons to whom t...,
Who does the frc ethical standard...
10  cards
Chapter 10: Audit Completion
What analytical procedures should...,
What does isa 450 require accumul...,
Can opposing misstatements be offset
13  cards
Chapter 13: Reporting on an audit engagement (basics)
Who are the auditors responsible to,
What are the auditors responsibil...,
When should an auditor use a modi...
16  cards
Chapter 14: Reporting on an audit engagement (development)
What does isa 265 require,
What will a report to those charg...,
How should you answer questions a...
24  cards
Chapter 15: Reporting on assurance engagements - prospective financial information
When may assurance conclusions ne...,
What if the presentation and disc...,
What if one or more significant a...
4  cards
Chapter 16: Reporting on assurance engagements - review engagements
What if an assurance conclusion n...,
What if an assurance conclusion n...,
What if an assurance conclusion n...
8  cards
Chapter 17: Audits of different types of entity
What is charity accounting govern...,
What do charity accounts include,
What must charity accounts include
14  cards
Practice Questions- SF Legal and Other Professional Regulations
1 requested a second opinion on t...,
If the regular fees from a client...,
You are planning the audit of spo...
39  cards
Practice Questions: SF Planning and Performing Engagements
You are the manager in charge of ...,
Your firm is the group auditor of...,
You have conducted analytical pro...
42  cards
Summary Notes
What are the different types of a...,
What are the objectives of an audit,
When are companies exempt from audit
52  cards
Summary Notes 2
If a conflict of interest arises ...,
What are the key benefits of soci...,
What are the issues of social media
38  cards
Summary Notes 3
What should the auditor s overall...,
What should the auditor s respons...,
What should you do if you wish to...
55  cards
PQ: Reporting on an Engagement
0  cards
SF Questions: Concluding and Reporting on Engagements
He new auditor of a company has c...,
During the audit of morgan ltd au...,
Your firm has recently been appoi...
32  cards
Ideas for the procedures question
What are some general procedures ...,
What are some common going concer...,
What are some common going concer...
25  cards

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