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L1: Prokaryotic Transcription
At what levels can gene expressio...,
Give the 3 types of functional rn...,
Rna polymerase terminology core e...
19  cards
L2: Coupling and small regulatory RNA's in Prokaryotes
Define expressome what is its fun...,
Define cistron
18  cards
L3, Eukaryotic Transcription
Name the archaeal superphylum pro...,
Why is lokiarchaeota of particula...,
Types of rna p in eukaryotes
19  cards
L4, Activators, Repressor and Chromatin in Euk. Gene Expression
Where do activators bind,
3 common structures of sequence r...,
Where are enhancer silencer seque...
14  cards
L5, Post Transcriptional Modifications of Gene Expression
At what points does the spiceosom...,
Types of splicing regulator,
Key benefits of ptms
32  cards
L6, Euk. Regulatory RNAs
How do regulatory rnas usually op...,
Give the 4 types of eukaryotic re...,
What is rna interference
26  cards
L7, Epigenetics
Definitions of epigenetics partic...,
Reminder nucleosome structure,
Chromatin modifications
25  cards
L8, Centromeres and Telomeres
How are centromeres arranged,
What 3 key components are require...,
Give the 3 types of centromere wi...
23  cards
L9, DNA repair defects (XP and NER)
Clinical features of xp,
How does uv radiation damage dna,
2 potential products of uv irradi...
17  cards
L10, MMR, Cockayne etc
Clinical features of cs,
Cellular features of cs,
Name and outline the two modes of...
10  cards
P1: Protein Expression Practical
1  cards
WS: Epigenetics
Epigenetic change associated with...,
What type of mutations regarding ...
2  cards

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