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L1, Demographics
Technical definition of ageing,
Life expectancy in high income vs...,
Extrinsic mortality
15  cards
L2, Theories of Aging
List the 4 key theories of aging,
Haldanes huntingtons disease study,
Why do late acting alleles have l...
18  cards
L3, Damage Theories I
Molecular mechanistic theory of a...,
Leslie orgel s error catastrophe ...,
Accumulation of somatic dna damag...
20  cards
L4, Damage Theories II
Compare dna lipid protein and age...,
Experimental evidence against nat...,
Drosophila study temperature vs d...
12  cards
L5, Mitochondria and Telomeres in aging
Mitochondrial dysfunction with age,
Mice engineered with proof readin...,
Quality control of mitochondrial ...
27  cards
L6, Signalling Pathways
Key model organisms in aging rese...,
Key modulatory mechanisms of agin...,
Insulin and igf1 signalling in ma...
19  cards
L7, Dietary restriction
How does dietary restriction affe...,
How are the effects of dr measured,
Results of dr studies in flies in...
23  cards
L8, Modulatory mechanisms
Loosely describe how a mechanism ...,
How are modulatory mechanisms for...,
Evolutionarily conserved modulato...
16  cards
L9, Brain Aging
What broad anatomical changes c t...,
Demographic changes in dementia g...,
Types of dementia in women vs men
33  cards
L10, Hereditary aspects of human longevity
Evidence for hereditary origin of...,
Heritability vs heredity,
Phenotypic variation
16  cards
+ Is aging genetic or is it wear and tear?
Why do female mammals reach repro...,
Aging in semelparous species,
Whilst mrdt various a lot between...
3  cards
+ Further Model Organisms
Quirks of aging in nmrs,
Nmr environment,
Reminder trade off theory
8  cards
+ Brain Aging Review
Types of cognitive abilities that...,
Types of cognitive abilities that...,
Structural and functional changes...
8  cards
+ Survival Analysis Workshop
Crossed factorial experiment,
How can time of onset of aging be...
2  cards
+ Sirtuins workshop
1  cards
+ Theories of Aging (Gems and Partridge)
Bystander effects,
Lifespans of worms flies and mice
17  cards
+ Weibull and Gompertz Models
Initial mortality gompertz vs wei...,
Key difference between weibull an...
2  cards
What two factors are known to cor...
4  cards
+ Calcium signalling in AD
Hallmarks of ad,
Physiological changes with ad,
Apoe4 and amyloid pathway
4  cards

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