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bar estates and trusts

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Execution of wills
Requirements for a valid will,
Can t direct another in her prese...,
Things il does not require for va...
44  cards
revocation of wills
Is the mere intent to revoke a wi...,
How to revoke a will,
How does one cancel will by writi...
21  cards
Generally what happens if a b pre...,
In il what must whom must b be fo...,
Whom does descendant need to be f...
12  cards
Changes in Family after will/ problems associated with T's gifts/ reference to acts outside will/ other will doctrines
In il what if t marries after a w...,
What is the effect of t marrying ...,
What does divoroce do of a will
61  cards
intestate succession
When does intestate apply,
Intestate share of surviving spouse,
What is a surviving spouse allowe...
19  cards
Elective share statute- right of renunciation/ Will contests
Is an renunciation automatic,
In il what is a spouses share if ...,
In il what is a spouses share if ...
23  cards
Formal requirements of a trust
Who holds legal title in trust,
Who has equitable title under trusts,
What are the requirements to have...
21  cards
revocable trusts, charitable trusts, resulting trusts and constructive trusts, creditors claims,
In il what is the rule for inter ...,
In il are inter vivos trusts pres...,
Does divorce revoke all gifts etc...
37  cards
Trust admin issues
General trustees duties,
Self dealing rules,
What are b remedies if te breache...
16  cards
modification of trust/ powers of appointment
2 ways trust can be modified or t...,
What is the dollar limit where a ...,
General powers of appointment
9  cards

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bar estates and trusts

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