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Oral Medicine pre reading
Types of medicine used in oral me...,
Subsections of antimicrobials,
Subsections of topical steroids
19  cards
9 principles of gdc,
What is conscious sedation,
Which medical conditions are aggr...
123  cards
Oral Surgery
What are some routes of spread of...,
What is the line on the left showing,
What are the lines showing
73  cards
BAMD Pt Safety
Can u describe how the box used t...,
3 methods of ppe during decontami...,
When would u use heavy duty rubbe...
3  cards
Class 2 Div 1
Definition of class 2 div 1,
What of malocclusion are class 1,
What of malocclusion are class 2 ...
23  cards
Class 3 Malocclusion
Definition of class 3,
A p skeletal cause of class 3,
3  cards
Skull Radiographs
What are skull radiographs,
Types of skull radiographs,
What is orbitomeatal line
16  cards
3rd molars
Most common reasons for 3rd molar...,
Nerves at risk during xla8,
Anatomy of lingual nerve
25  cards
Maxillary Sinus
Paranasal sinus,
Function of paranasal sinuses
2  cards
Oral Cancer- Maxfax
When should you urgently refer su...
1  cards
Paeds Discolouration
Tx options of intrinsic discolour...,
Enamel colour modification by con...,
Microabrasion advantages
12  cards
Paeds Anomalies
Least likely teeth to be missing ...,
Conditions associated with hypodo...,
What s a problem that can arise w...
47  cards
What is hypodontia,
What is anodontia,
What is severe hypodontia
17  cards
Cleft lip and palate
How do u classify cleft lip and p...,
What is this,
What is this
5  cards
Fixed ortho appliances
Advantages of fixed ortho appliances,
Disadvantages of fixed ortho,
Advantages of removable appliances
23  cards
Ortho and oral surgery
Implant advantages,
Possible lines of approach for im...
2  cards
Risks/benefits of ortho
Benefits of ortho tx,
What does an iotn score of 1 and ...,
What does an iotn score of 3 show
19  cards
Treatment planning for fixed prosthodontics
What is fixed prosthodontics,
Types of fixed prosthodontics,
Special investigations for fixed ...
11  cards
Shortened Dental Arch
Problems with rpd,
Sda concept kayser 1981,
What is required for sufficient a...
12  cards
Causes of non carious tooth surfa...,
Types of tooth wear,
Causes of toothwear
61  cards
Perio Classification
How do u treat periodontal diseas...,
What is clinical gingival health,
How do u know whether gingivitis ...
28  cards
Alternatives to bridges,
Why should we replace teeth,
What is a bridge
23  cards
OM- Mucosal Colour Changes
Causes of oral white lesions,
Why are white lesions white,
What is leukoplakia
18  cards
Crown Prep
When to provide extra coronal res...,
Principles of tooth preparation,
Finish line configurations
9  cards
Causes of tmd,
Pathogenesis of tmd things that m...,
E o signs of tmd
20  cards
What is a cyst,
How do u divide cysts,
How do u subdivide epithelial cysts
7  cards
Occlusion 1
Tmj anatomy,
What do muscles of mastication do,
What do suprahyoid muscles do
30  cards
Benefits over plain radiography,
Disadvantages over plain radiography,
Cbct advantages over ct
5  cards
Radiographic Interpretations
Why are some things radiolucent,
Why are some things radiopaque,
How to describe lesions
5  cards
Imaging Modalities
Imaging protocol for salivary gla...,
What is sialography,
Risks of sialography
4  cards
Adult Ortho
Why do adults seek tx,
Difference from kids
2  cards
Treating Children In Primary Care
Role of gdp for children,
What s included in a caries risk ...,
3 keys of prevention for children
9  cards
Mandibular Fractures
Clinical signs and symptoms of fr...,
Factors causing displacement of m...,
Radiographic assessment for mandi...
4  cards
Malar/zygoma Fractures
Classification of maxillofacial f...,
Malar zygoma fracture clinical si...,
Initial care of malar fractures
4  cards
Class 2 Div2
What is class 2 div 2,
Soft tissues of class 2 div 2,
Vertical skeletal pattern
10  cards
S3 Step
Step 3 aims,
S3 tx options,
Adjunctive local antimicrobials used
13  cards
Mucogingival Surgery
What is gingival recession,
Indications for treating gingival...,
Aetiology of gingival recession
9  cards
Perio Implants
What is peri implant disease,
Cause of peri implant disease
22  cards
OM- Dysplasia+Oral Cancer
2 distinct disease patterns of or...,
Risk factors for oral cancer,
Is there a higher cancer risk wit...
34  cards
OM- Lichen Planus
Lichen planus histology,
Lichen planus aetiology,
Oral lichen planus commonest sites
13  cards
OM- Vesiculobullous Diseases
Type 1 hypersensitivity cell medi...,
Type 2 hypersensitivity cell medi...,
Type 3 hypersensitivity cell medi...
20  cards
Ofg presentation,
Ofg initial management,
Ofg primary tx
5  cards
OM- Ulceration
Single episode ulceration examples,
Crohn s disease oral ulcer presen...,
Traumatic ulcers
18  cards
OM- Reactive Lesions Of Oral Mucosa
Oral mucosa histology,
4  cards
OM- Oral Viral Infections
Viral replication stages,
Principles of lab diagnosis,
Herpes clinical features
8  cards
OM- Salivary Gland Tumours
Prevalence of tumours through maj...,
How do u classify salivary gland ...,
Salivary gland tumour major gland...
15  cards
Ortho Lab
Ortho prescriptions for retract 1...,
Removable appliance advice for pt,
Iotn index of ortho tx need compo...
10  cards
Root Resorption
What is root resorption,
Surfaces involved in preventing r...,
Types of internal resorption vs e...
20  cards
Ortho- Class 3
What is a class 3 incisor relatio...,
Dental features
8  cards
How to assess capacity
1  cards

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