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Medicines & Therapeutics
What can medicines be classified ...,
What are licenced medicines,
What is required from a manufactu...
34  cards
White lesions
What are the possible causes of w...,
What is an example of hereditary ...,
What is smoking frictional keratosis
52  cards
Other mucosal colour changes
What is erythematous candiosis,
What are the most common causes o...,
What is acute erythematous candid...
82  cards
What is ulceration,
What is the different between ulc...,
What are the main causes of ulcer...
58  cards
Oral Mucosal Diseases
What are the different strata in ...,
What is atrophy,
What is erosion
48  cards
Lichen Planus
What are the 6 main types of lich...,
Which types of lichen planus are ...,
Which types of lichen planus ofte...
85  cards
Dysplasia & Oral Cancer
What can potentially malignant di...,
What is a potentially malignant l...,
What is a potentially malignant c...
138  cards
Vesiculobullous Disorders
What can immunogenic diseases be ...,
Why do many immunological skin co...,
What tissues does erythema multif...
55  cards
Salivary Gland Problems & Management
What are the functions of saliva,
How does saliva buffer,
What is mucosal lubrication impor...
56  cards
Salivary Gland Tumours
What can changes in gland size be...,
What are different causes of secr...,
What are the different causes of ...
65  cards
Salivary Gland Enlargement
What are the different causes of ...,
What viruses can cause salivary g...,
What virus causes mumps
57  cards
What is sjogren s syndrome,
What is the classification of sjo...,
What is sicca syndrome
40  cards
What is ofg,
How does angio oedema present,
What is angio oedema due to
25  cards
Oral Manifestations of Systemic Diseases
What are the way that systemic di...,
How can systemic diseases have de...,
What time period will result in d...
41  cards
What is neuralgia,
How does neuralgia present,
What are the commonly effected ne...
44  cards
Facial Pain
Which areas can pain be felt alon...,
What fibres mediate nociceptive pain,
Describe the nociception pathway
79  cards
Name treat,
Name explain tx,
Name explain treat history px com...
7  cards

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