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1 - Introduction to oral medicine
Give examples of mucosal disease,
Give examples of salivary gland d...,
Give examples of presentations of...
3  cards
2 - Normal anatomy in oral medicine
What are fordyce spots,
What is linea alba,
What is geographic tongue
10  cards
3 - Introduction to oral ulceration
What are causes of ulceration,
What is an ulcer,
Describe a traumatic ulcer
9  cards
4 - Introduction to white and red patches
What outs patents at risk of cand...,
What local measures can be used t...,
What drugs commonly cause oral li...
7  cards
5 - Introduction to orofacial pain
What are the different types of pain,
Give an examples of nociceptive pain,
Give an example of inflammatory pain
11  cards
6 - Medicines in oral medicine
What types of medicines are commo...,
What types of antimicrobial drugs...,
What types of topical steroids ar...
14  cards
7 - Therapeutic drug use in oral medicine
What can be used for non steroida...,
What can be used for steroidal to...,
How do you use beclomethasone mdi...
8  cards
8 - Oral mucosal disease
Who do you refer to for a potenti...,
Who do you refer to for symptomat...,
What are the different types of o...
29  cards
9 - Mucosal colour changes
What are the causes of oral white...,
Why are white lesions white,
Define leukoplakia
21  cards
10 - Introduction to oral ulceration
What are the common causes of ora...,
What history should be taken in r...,
What should be examined when look...
15  cards
11 - Recurrent aphthous ulcers
What are aphthous ulcers,
What are the different types of ras,
Describe minor aphthous ulcers
15  cards
12 - Lichen planus overview
Who are the patient demographic t...,
What causes lichen planus,
What are the different patterns o...
15  cards
13 - Managing lichen planus
When the cause of the lichen plan...,
What are common medications that ...,
What dmards cause lichen planus
13  cards
14 - Dysplasia and oral cancer
How are oral cancers defined,
Describe the incidence of occ,
What are the high risk sites for occ
17  cards
15 - Dysplasia and oral cancer 2
Define a potentially malignant le...,
What lesions are commonly referre...,
What is the estimated malignant c...
25  cards
15a - Histology of dysplasia
What are the cytological changes ...,
What are the architectural change...,
What histological changes are see...
5  cards
16 - Vesiculobullous and immune disease
What are the types of immune medi...,
Name local immunological oral dis...,
Name systemic immunological disea...
19  cards
17 - Vesiculobullous and immune disease 2
What is pemphigoid,
How does pemphigoid present,
What is bullous pemphigoid
15  cards
18 - Problems with salivation
What is the function of saliva,
What are common causes of xerostomia,
What drugs commonly cause xerostomia
16  cards
19 - Managing problems with saliva
What are the benefits of a labial...,
What can cause frothy saliva,
How can anxiety and somatoform di...
13  cards
20 - Salivary enlargement
What are common reasons for chang...,
What prevents salivary enlargemen...,
What are common symptoms of mumps
20  cards
21 - Sjögren's syndrome
What is sicca syndrome,
What is primary sjogren s syndrome,
What is secondary sjogren s syndrome
18  cards
22 - Systemic disease and the mouth
What are the common reasons for d...,
Give an example of a congenital c...,
What is a torch infection
31  cards
23 - Orofacial granulomatosis
What is angio,
What other systemic conditions ca...,
What type of hypersensitivity is ofg
6  cards
24 - Orofacial pain
Define pain,
What can be used to assess pain p...,
How is pain passed through the body
16  cards
25 - Neuropathic pain
What is the benefit of a linear a...,
Define nociceptive pain,
Define neuropathic pain
19  cards
26 - Oral dysaesthesia and TMD
What is oral dysaesthesia,
What is the difference between so...,
What feelings are associated with...
29  cards
27 - Trigeminal neuralgia and trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias
What is neuralgia,
Which cranial nerves can be affec...,
Who is typically affected by trig...
31  cards
Pathology 1 - Reactive lesions of the oral mucosa
What are the cell layers of epith...,
What are the gross types of oral ...,
Describe the appearance of nonker...
21  cards
Pathology 2 - Potentially malignant lesions
Define a potentially malignant le...,
Define a potentially malignant co...,
Give examples of potentially mali...
44  cards
Pathology 3 - Salivary tumours
What are causes for change in sal...,
What are causes of chronic sialad...,
What are signs of salivary tumour
26  cards

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