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Lichen Planus
Definition of lichen planus,
Discuss the epidemiology of liche...,
The pathogenesis of lichen planus...
29  cards
What is sjogrens disease,
What are the 3 classifications of...,
Discuss the epidemiology of sjogr...
25  cards
Definition of ulceration,
Name 5 potential causes of ulcera...,
Describe the appearance of typica...
11  cards
Recurrent Aphthous Ulceration
What are the 3 main clinical form...,
Name and discuss 3 potential pred...,
What group of patients is it very...
17  cards
What is the most common type of p...,
Definition of pemphigoid,
Epidemiology of mucous membrane p...
12  cards
What is pemphigus,
Discuss the epidemiology of pemph...,
Discuss the pathogenesis of pemph...
15  cards
Trigeminal Neuralgia
What is trigeminal neuralgia,
Discuss the classification of tri...,
Classical trigeminal neuralgia
17  cards
Burning Mouth Syndrome
What is burning mouth syndrome,
Discuss the epidemiology of bms,
Discuss the aetiopathogenesis of bms
9  cards
Potentially Malignant Lesions
Potentially malignant lesion vs p...,
Name 3 potentially malignant cond...,
What area of the mouth does chron...
15  cards
Pathology of Salivary Gland Tumours
Name 4 reasons for a change in gl...,
Are salivary gland tumours common...,
What areas of the mouth may minor...
18  cards
Functions of saliva 3,
Name 3 indirect causes of dry mouth,
Name 3 direct causes of a dry mouth
18  cards
oral potentially malignant disorders
What is an opmd,
Name 3 4 opmds,
Oral leukoplakia epidemiology cli...
18  cards
Oral cancers
P16 positive,
Oscc epidemiology risk factors cl...
18  cards
HIV and syphillis
What cells are the main target of...,
Who is most likely to get hiv,
Name 4 potential intra oral manif...
12  cards
Erythema Multiforme
What is erythema multiforme,
Epidemiology of erythema multiforme,
Aetiology of erythema multiforme
14  cards
systemic lupus erythematous
What is sle,
What autoantibody is strongly ass...,
Epidemiology of sle
12  cards

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