bio 325_genetics

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Chapter 1_Overview Of Genetics
Define genome,
Dna the molecule of life contains...,
What are some examples of controv...
51  cards
Chapter 3_Reproduction And Chromosome Transmission
Where are genes located,
Biochemically speaking what are c...
81  cards
Chapter 2_Mendelian Inheritance
Blending inheritance,
Hybridization experiment
24  cards
Chapter 4_Extensions Of Mendelian Inheritance
Mendelian inheritance,
Simple mendelian inheritance,
Describe simple mendelian on an i...
66  cards
Chapter 5_Non-Mendelian Inheritance
Maternal effect,
How is the phenomenon maternal ef...,
Reciprocal cross
45  cards
Chapter 6_Genetic Linkage And Mapping In Eukaryotes
Genetic map,
Genetic linkage
19  cards
Chapter 7_Genetic Transfer And Mapping In Bacteria And Bacteriophages
Bacteriophages phages,
Genetic transfer,
Three natural mechanisms of genet...
60  cards
Chapter 8_Variation In Chromosome Structure And Number
The three most commonly used feat...,
The 4 different positions of the ...,
Is the chromosome ever exactly in...
34  cards
Chapter 9_Molecular Structure Of DNA and RNA
To fulfill its role the genetic m...,
Nucleic acids,
To fully appreciate the structure...
17  cards
Chapter 10_Chromosome Organization And Molecular Structure
Dna gyrase,
Topoisomerase i,
8  cards
Chapter 11_DNA Replication
Template strands,
After the double helix has separated,
To complete the replication process
29  cards
Chapter 18_Recombinant DNA Technology
Dna sequencing,
Dideoxy sequencing,
Dna polymerase connects adjacent ...
21  cards
Chapter 16_Gene Mutation And DNA Repair
Point mutation,
Base substitution
73  cards
Chapter 17_Recombination And Transposition At The Molecular Level
Transposable elements,
Mutable site,
Simple transposition
26  cards
Chapter 12_Gene Transcription And RNA Modification
What is the definition of a gene ...,
Structural genes
66  cards
Chapter 13_Translation Of mRNA
One gene one enzyme hypothesis,
44  cards
Chapter 14_Gene Regulation In Bacteria And Bacteriophages
Constitutive genes,
45  cards

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