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Unit 1 Chapter 2: Basic Chem + Functional Groups
Forms of an element with differen...,
The atoms that are most abundant ...,
List bond strengths in order
33  cards
Unit 1 Chapter 3: Proteins (Structure and Function)
What was the miller urey experiment,
How many different amino acids ar...,
Structure of amino acids
55  cards
Unit 1 Chapter 4: Nucleic Acids
What is a nucleic acid,
What are the 3 components of a nu...,
What is a sugar
40  cards
What is an anabolic reaction,
What is a catabolic reaction,
What is the difference between po...
14  cards
Unit 1 Chapter 5: Carbohydrates
What are carbs,
What are the three main types,
What is the general formula for c...
22  cards
Unit 1 Chapter 6: Lipids and Membranes
What are the 7 main functions of ...,
Are lipids soluble or insoluble i...,
What is the structure of a fatty ...
48  cards
Unit 2 Chapter 7: Cells
What are chromosomes in prokaryotes,
How does dna fit into small cells,
Where are bacterial chromosomes f...
52  cards
Unit 2 Chapter 8: Cell-Cell Interactions
What is the primary cell wall,
What is turgor pressure,
What is the secondary cell wall
19  cards
Unit 2 Chapter 9: Cell Respiration + Photosynthesis
What is the first step in a metab...,
How are metabolic pathways regulated,
What is phosphorylation
37  cards
Unit 2 Chapter 10: Photosynthesis
What is photosynthesis,
What do the light reactions produce,
What does the calvin cycle produce
47  cards
Unit 2 Chapter 11: The Cell Cycle + Mitosis
What are the 3 mysteries of heredity,
What is the cell theory 3 points,
What are mitosis and cytokinesis ...
55  cards
Unit 3 Chapter 12: Meiosis
What must happen before sexual re...,
What is fertilization,
What is meosis
36  cards
Unit 3 Chapter 13: Mendellian Genetics
What is heredity,
What is a trait,
What is blending inheritance
72  cards
Unit 3 Chapter 14: DNA and the Gene-Synthesis Repair
What is was fredrick griffiths ex...,
What is the transforming principle,
Does dna work in other organisms
44  cards
Unit 3 Chapter 15: How Genes Work/The Genetic Code/Mutations
What is alkaptonuria,
What was the one gene one enzyme ...,
How was the one gene one enzyme h...
41  cards
Unit 3 Chapter 16: Transcription and Translation
Generally what happens during tra...,
What is the template strand antis...,
What is the coding strand sense
41  cards
Unit 3 Chapter 17: Gene Expression in Bacteria/Viruses + Gene Regulation
What were viruses first known as,
How are viruses classified,
What genetic material do viruses use
33  cards
Unit 3 Chapter 18: Gene Regulation + Expression in Eukaryotes
Which two types of dna elements t...,
What distinguishes enhancers and ...,
What do enhancers do
26  cards
Unit 3 Chapter 19: Bio Engineering
What is genetic engineering,
What is selective breeding,
What is gene cloning
41  cards

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