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Chapter 6: A Tour of the Cell
What are the main differences bet...,
Name the 10 main parts of a eukar...,
What is the endoplasmic reticulum er
50  cards
Chapter 7: Membrane Stucture and Function
Define phospholipids,
In phospholipids the phosphate gr...,
When a molecule is _____ it means...
37  cards
Chapter 8: An Introduction to Metabolism
What is metabolism,
Metabolic reactions are,
Define metabolic pathways
35  cards
Chapter 9: Cellular Respiration and Fermentation
What is cellular respiration,
How is energy extracted in cellul...,
______ is necessary in organisms ...
32  cards
Chapter 10: Photosynthesis
What is photosynthesis,
Where does photosynthesis take place,
What are chloroplast where in the...
26  cards
Lab 1: Scientific Method
The six steps of the scientific m...,
A dataset described as descriptio...,
A dataset described as recorded m...
11  cards
Lab 2: Microscopy
Function of the ocular lens,
Revolving nose piece,
Stage clips
16  cards
Lab 3: Biomolcules
What are the four major classes o...,
What is a monosaccharide,
Why are all monosaccharides and m...
19  cards
Lab 4: Osmosis
What is osmosis,
What formula is used to determine...,
What formula is used to calculate...
5  cards
Lab 5: Cellular Respiration
In the cellular respiration lab y...,
Why was the respirometer submerge...,
Why did water move into the repir...
8  cards
Lab 6: Photosynthesis
Why is photosynthesis important f...,
Why is chlorophyll green,
What does the absorption spectra ...
10  cards
Chapter 12: The Cell Cycle
What is mitosis,
What are the three reasons that c...,
Describe the structure of a eukar...
18  cards
Chapter 13: Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles
Distinguish between haploids and ...,
Distinguish between somatic cells...,
How do gametes give rise to more ...
16  cards
Chapter 14: Mendel and the Gene Idea
What were mendel s two hypotheses...,
Define true breeding,
Define hybridization
20  cards
Chapter 15: The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritence
1  cards
Chapter 16:
What are genes,
Hereditable factors,
What does it mean to inherit
13  cards
Lab 7: Enzymes and Amylase Activity
Define enzymes,
What type of macromolecules are e...,
What does it mean to be a catalyst
33  cards
Lab 8: Mitotic Cell Division
Name and briefly describe the fiv...,
Describe the stages of interphase,
What is the difference in cytokin...
10  cards
Lab 9: Bacterial Transformation
What are plasmids,
Name three differences between ch...,
What is bacterial transformation
8  cards
Lab 10: PCR and Electrophoresis
Explain the pcr lab,
Discuss how genotypes translate t...,
Explain the structure of dna
10  cards

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