biochem take 2.

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Amino Acids.
How many amino acids are there in...,
How many amino acids are coded fo...,
What is an essential amino acid
88  cards
Acid Base Chemistry of Amino Acids.
Which functional groups of all am...,
The carboxyl group and the amino ...,
Why are the carboxyl group and th...
44  cards
Protein Structure.
How many levels of structure are ...,
What is the primary structure of ...,
How are the amino acids attached ...
139  cards
What is an apoenzyme,
What is a coenzyme,
What is a coenzyme also known as
186  cards
Haemoglobin and Myoglobin.
A globular protein is in what for...,
What are the characteristics of a...,
If a globular protein contains he...
83  cards
Basic Concepts of Metabolism.
In which cells does metabolism ta...,
Why do cells take part in metabolism,
What are the 2 steps that need to...
160  cards
What is glycolysis,
Which cells will glycolysis prima...,
Does glycolysis occur under aerob...
210  cards
What is allosteric activation,
What is an allosteric site,
What happens when a molecule bind...
126  cards
What are bioenergetics,
What are kinetics,
What is the km of a reaction
57  cards
The Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex and the TCA cycle.
What are co enzymes,
What are kinases,
What amino acid residues get phos...
151  cards
The Electron Transport Chain.
What is a prosthetic group,
What are prosthetic groups also k...,
Which step of aerobic respiration...
77  cards
The Hexose Monophosphate Pathway.
What is the hmp pathway used for,
What other names is the hmp pathw...,
What are the products of the hmp ...
93  cards
Glycogen Metabolism.
What is glycogenolysis,
What is udp glucose,
What kind of molecule is glycogen
231  cards
Lipid Metabolism.
Define amphipathic,
What is cholecystokinin cck,
Define emulsification
142  cards
Fatty Acid Synthesis.
What is prosthetic group,
What is enzyme induction,
De novo fatty acid synthesis in h...
76  cards
Essential Fatty Acids, TAG Metabolism and the Carnitine Shuttle.
What 2 factors about fatty acids ...,
How many carbons and double bonds...,
How many carbons and double bonds...
114  cards
Cholesterol Synthesis.
Is free cholesterol found in the ...,
Why is free cholesterol found in ...,
How is cholesterol usually obtain...
114  cards
Fatty Acid Oxidation and Ketone Bodies.
What provides the necessary energ...,
Fatty acid oxidation is carried o...,
What will the beta oxidation of f...
92  cards
What is the problem of transporti...,
Where is albumin synthesised,
What can albumin transport in the...
52  cards
Metabolic Effects of Insulin and Glucagon.
What are 5 key organs that are in...,
What organ is involved in the mos...,
What organs involved in metabolic...
216  cards
The Feed Fast Cycle.
Define enzyme induction,
What is the well fed state also k...,
How long does the absorptive stat...
177  cards
Amino Acids: Disposal of Nitrogen.
What is the chemical formula for ...,
What is the chemical formula for ...,
What kind of food products are am...
225  cards
Amino Acids: Metabolism of Carbon Skeletons.
What is pyridoxial phosphate also...,
What is an essential amino acid,
What is a non essential amino acid
145  cards
Nucleotide Metabolism.
What 3 components do nucleotides ...,
How many nucleotides are required...,
What consequences are there if th...
140  cards

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