biol211z microbial physiology & biochemistry

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Growth and Kinetics I: Microbial morphology and structure
Cell structure general features,
Cell structure general features,
Cell structurethings some bacteri...
10  cards
Growth and Kinetics II: Microbial cultivation
This lecture covers the general methods and concepts involved in cultivation, really focussed more on the Bacteria than the Archaea. Actual nutrition/what factors are required for growth
6  cards
Growth and Kinetics III: microbial growth and nutrition
This lecture covers the general concepts of nutrition in the Bacteria and the Archaea.
9  cards
Metabolism I: autotrophs and heterotrophs
This lecture covers: key properties of each of the two guilds and examples of them, respiratory chain during heterotrophic growth versus autotrophic growth, reverse electron transport and its consequences, energy limitation in autotrophs and the Lu-Kelly cycle as exemplar of autotrophic energy conservation
6  cards
Metabolism II: CO2 capture and assimilation in autotrophic Bacteria and Archaea
This lecture covers: key functional guilds and which pathways/cycles they use C1 autotrophs (aside, ready for L09) Calvin-Benson-Bassham cycle, RuBisCO and carboxysomes DIC capture in CBB-cycle organisms Arnon-Buchanan cycle and its enzymes Wood-Ljungdahl cycle enzymes 3-hydroxypropionate bicycle enzymes
13  cards
Metabolism III: Biochemical thermodynamics and use of Gibbs energies to predict respiratory metabolisms
This lecture covers how to undertake some fundamental calculations in this area and discusses common pitfalls. It also covers how to use the outputs of these calculations in three different ways.
4  cards

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biol211z microbial physiology & biochemistry

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