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Exchange Surfaces
How do singular celled organisms ...,
What are the three ways that abso...,
What does diffusion do
19  cards
1.1 Cells
What are cells,
What s the difference between ani...,
What is the function of the cell ...
24  cards
1.2 Chromosome, Genome and Migration
What is dna,
Is dna is a polymer or monomer,
What is meant by the term polymer
16  cards
1.3 DNA - Key terms
What is an example of a single ge...,
What is an example of a character...,
What is meant by the term allele
13  cards
1.4 Structure & How it codes
What is the structure of dna,
Dna is a p_______ made up of lots...,
What is a monomer made up of
23  cards
1.5 Protein Synthesis
What is mrna,
What is mrna built of,
What does mrna use instead of thy...
15  cards
1.6 Mutations
What is meant by the term mutation,
What are 2 examples of things tha...,
What are the 3 types of mutations
16  cards
1.7 Genetic Diagrams
Does a lowercase letter represent...,
Does an uppercase letter represen...,
How would you describe the genoty...
4  cards
1.8 Family Trees
What does being a carrier of a di...,
Is cystic fibrosis a dominant or ...
2  cards
1.9 Mendel
Who was gregor mendel,
What did mendel do 3,
How has our understanding of gene...
8  cards
What are the steps for preparing ...,
How do you look at the specimen t...,
How do we calculate the total mag...
3  cards
2.1 - Health and Disease
What are some causes of disease a...,
What is a communicable disease an...,
What are 2 examples of a communic...
15  cards
2.2 Communicable Disease 1 - Introduction
What are pathogens,
What are the 4 types of pathogens,
What are the 7 different ways tha...
15  cards
2.3 Communicable Disease 2 - Viruses
If viruses cant reproduce by them...,
What are 3 examples of viruses,
How is the measles virus spread
12  cards
2.4 Communicable Disease 3 - Bacteria
How does bacteria infect us,
What is an example of a bad bacte...,
How do we catch salmonella
12  cards
2.5 Communicable Disease 4 - Protists and Fungi
How is fungi different to plant a...,
What is an example of a unicellul...,
What is an example of a multicell...
15  cards
2.6 Plant Diseases and Defences
What are the three different cate...,
How can plants develop diseases f...,
What are some common symptoms for...
10  cards
2.7 Immuse System & Defences
What are the 4 categories that ma...,
What are the physical barriers hu...,
What are the chemical barriers hu...
8  cards
2.8 Vaccinations
Why do people get vaccinated 2,
What do vaccinations do 2,
What are the pros of vaccinations 3
5  cards
2.16 Antibiotic Resistance
How does drug resistance happen 3,
When drug resistance occurs what ...,
How can you pass on this antibiot...
11  cards
3.3 Photosynthesis
Where does photosynthesis take place,
What is the word equation for pho...,
Is photosynthesis an exothermic o...
12  cards
3.4 Factors Affecting the Rate of Photosynthesis
What are the factors that affect ...,
What does the level of chlorophyl...,
What happens if the temperature i...
8  cards
3.5 Diffusion
What is diffusion,
Cell membranes are partially perm...,
Is diffusion a passive or an acti...
5  cards
3.6 Osmosis
What is osmosis,
What is meant by water concentration,
What would happen to red blood ce...
4  cards
3.7 Active Transport
What is active transport,
What is responsible for the energ...,
How do root hair cells take in water
8  cards
3.9 Transpiration & Translocation
What are phloem tubes made up of 2,
What do the phloem vessels transp...,
What are xylem tubes made up of 2
12  cards
5.11 Reproductive Hormones - Puberty & Menstrual Cycle
What is the definition of puberty,
What do hormones do in females,
Describe stage 1 of the menstrual...
22  cards
6.9 - Food Security
What is food security,
What are the 2 key features of fo...,
What are the 5 factors that affec...
18  cards
2.12 - Cancer
What is a tumour,
How are tumours formed,
What are the two types for tumour...
17  cards
3.16 Food Chains & Foodwebs
What do food chains always start ...,
How do producers make their food,
What is a producer
16  cards
3.18 Pyramids of Biomass
What does each bar on a pyramid o...
1  cards
4.8 Meiosis
What is sexual reproduction,
In sexual reproduction what do th...,
What are gametes in animals
22  cards
3.1 What are Enzymes?
What are enzymes,
Explain how speeding up a reactio...,
What do enzymes do
19  cards
1.10 Using Genome Research In Medicine
Why is the human genome important 2,
How can genetic testing help to i...,
Drawbacks of genetic screening 3
8  cards
1.11 Genetic Engineering/Modification
What is genetic engineering,
What are three examples of geneti...,
What is gene therapy
15  cards
1.12 GMOs & Population Growth
Why has there been a higher deman...,
Global food production has had to...,
Roughly how much has the world po...
11  cards
2.9 Culturing Microorganisms
Conditions needed for bacterial g...,
What mixture of nutrients do bact...,
What 2 different culture mediums ...
15  cards
2.10 Monoclonal Antibodies
What are antibodies,
How do we make monoclonal antibod...,
Describe how monoclonal antibodie...
12  cards
2.11 Pregnancy Test
What is the pregnancy hormone,
Describe the components of the te...,
Describe how a pregnancy test wor...
6  cards
2.13 Risk factors for Non-Communicable Diseases
What is a risk factor,
What are three examples of non co...,
What are the two categories that ...
17  cards
2.14 Exercise
During exercise what type of resp...,
Why is more cellular respiration ...,
What do we have to increase in ou...
15  cards
2.15 Drugs & Medicine
What are the two groups of drugs ...,
What are painkillers,
What are three examples of painki...
11  cards
2.17 Cardiovascular Disease
What are cardiovascular diseases,
What are 4 examples of cardiovasc...,
Describe how atheromas are formed
21  cards
2.18 Developing New Medicines
What are most medicines made from,
Aspirin is a common painkiller th...,
In order to develop a new drug wh...
20  cards
3.2 - Factors That Affect Enzyme Action
Describe how temperature effects ...,
Describe how ph effects the rate ...,
Describe how substrate concentrat...
5  cards
3.8 Plant Cell Organisation
Why is diffusion harder in multic...,
Why does carbon dioxide move into...,
Describe how carbon dioxide diffu...
27  cards
3.10 Minerals for Healthy Growth
What are mineral ions,
Why do plants need mineral ions,
Describe the process in which pla...
12  cards
3.11 - Competition & Interdependence
State the 4 different levels of o...,
What do plants need in ecosystems,
What do animals need in ecosystems
14  cards
3.12 Abiotic and Biotic Factors
What are biotic factors,
What are abiotic factors,
Give 6 examples of abiotic factors
13  cards
3.13 Eutrophication
What is a fertiliser,
Why do we need fertilisers,
Npk fertilisers 3
12  cards
3.14 Investigating Abundance & Distribution
What are the two main sampling me...,
How can you investigate how the d...,
What is a belt transect
6  cards
3.15 Keys
What are keys,
What are dichotomous keys
2  cards
3.17 Trophic Levels
What are trophic levels,
What is trophic level 1,
What is trophic level 2
11  cards
3.18 Pyramids of Biomass
What do pyramids of biomass show,
What does each bar on a pyramid o...,
What happens to most energy as yo...
5  cards
3.20 Food Tests (Practical)
How do you prepare a food sample,
How do you carry out the benedict...,
What colour will the solution go ...
14  cards
3.19 Biological Molecules
What are biological molecules pro...,
What are nutrients,
What are carbohydrates
22  cards
3.21 Carbon and Water Cycles
What is the whole carbon cycle po...,
What do green plants use the carb...,
What does eating do to the carbon...
17  cards
3.22 Decay
Describe the process of decomposi...,
What are detritus feeders detriti...,
What are decomposers
8  cards
3.23 Global Warming
What is the atmosphere,
What happens to the suns heat ene...,
Why does global warming occur
10  cards
4.1 Aerobic & Anaerobic Respiration
What is cellular respiration,
How organisms use their energy 3,
What is metabolism
19  cards
4.2 Mitosis
Why do all multicellular eukaryot...,
What is a cell cycle,
What happens in the interphase st...
9  cards
4.3 Microscopy - What it is
In microscopy what does object re...,
In microscopy what does the image...,
What do the lenses in microscopes...
8  cards
4.4 Microscopy - Light vs Electron Microscopes
How do electron microscopes diffe...,
What are the pros to light micros...,
What are the cons of light micros...
5  cards
4.5 Microscopy - Units of Conversion
How many times bigger are microme...,
What is the smallest size that th...,
Describe how you would convert 30...
4  cards
4.6 Microscopy - Calculations
What is the equation for finding ...,
What is the equation for finding ...,
How would you rearrange the magni...
3  cards
4.7 Sexual and Asexual Reproduction
What happens in sexual reproduction,
Why are egg cells bigger than spe...,
What are the gametes involved whe...
12  cards
4.10 Stem Cells in Medicine
What are the two types of stem ce...,
Describe diabetes paralysis and s...,
How may scientists use embryonic ...
9  cards
4.11 Specialised Cells & Differentiation
Define differentiation,
Explain how a sperm cell is adapt...,
Heart muscle tissue has to be abl...
3  cards
4.12 Plant Hormones - Auxins
What are auxins,
Describe how shoots are positivel...,
Describe how shoots are negativel...
11  cards
4.13 Plant Hormones - Comercial Uses
Give two examples of how auxins c...,
What is dormancy,
Give three examples of how gibber...
10  cards
5.1 Surface Area to Volume ratio
What do single celled organisms n...,
What do single celled organisms g...,
Cells need oxygen for aerobic res...
10  cards
5.2 Specialised Exchange Surfaces
What are specialised exchange sur...,
What is the job of the lungs,
What are the alveoli surrounded by
16  cards
5.3 Lungs & Gas Exchange
How do our cells get the energy n...,
Describe how oxygen travels in th...,
What is a single alveoli called
7  cards
5.4 Circulatory System I
What is the circulatory system ma...,
What is the role of the circulato...,
Describe what each circuit in the...
20  cards
5.5 Circulatory System 2 - Blood vessels
What are the three main types of ...,
What do arteries do,
What do capillaries do
14  cards
5.6 Circulatory System 3 - Blood
What is blood,
What is plasma,
What are red blood cells
12  cards
5.7 The Nervous System, Synapses & Reflexes
What is the nervous system made u...,
Describe how a neurone transmits ...,
Describe how the central nervous ...
15  cards
5.8 Brain
What is the brain made up of,
What is the cerebral cortex,
What are the two sides of the cer...
14  cards
5.9 Endocrine System
What does the endocrine system co...,
What does the pituitary gland do,
What gland is found in the neck
17  cards
5.10 Adrenaline & Thyroxine
When is adrenaline produced,
What does adrenaline do 4 simplified,
Which organ is adrenaline release...
7  cards
5.12 Contraception
Describe briefly with mention to ...,
What 2 hormones do hormonal metho...,
What does the release of oestroge...
15  cards
5.13 Fertility Treatment
What does fsh stand for,
What does lh stand for,
What would low levels of fsh mean...
13  cards
5.14 Homeostasis
Conditions in your body need to b...,
Define homeostasis,
What type of systems do our body ...
11  cards
5.15 Thermoregulation
What is thermoregulation,
What part of your brain acts as y...,
How does the hypothalamus detect ...
11  cards
5.16 Kidneys 1 - Overview & ADH
What is the role of the kidneys,
What is urea,
What type of fluid are body cells...
17  cards
5.17 Kidneys 2 - Anatomy & Nephrons
How does blood pass through the k...,
What does the tubule carry,
What 5 main things can be filtere...
9  cards
5.18 Regulating Glucose
What does our cells need glucose for,
What puts glucose into our blood,
What are changes in blood glucose...
10  cards
5.19 Diabetes
When does type 1 diabetes general...,
What is type 1 diabetes,
What is insulin therapy
9  cards
5.20 Eyes 1 - Structure & Iris Reflex
What type of organ is the eye,
The cornea,
The iris
13  cards
5.21 Eyes 2 - Accommodation & Visual Defects
What is accommodation in terms of...,
If the object an eye is looking a...,
If the object an eye is looking a...
14  cards
6.1 Variation & Evolution
Describe how natural selection in...,
What is the definition of evolution,
What is speciation
11  cards
6.2 Speciation
What is wallace best known for 2,
What is a species
3  cards
6.3 Fossils & Extinction
What are fossils,
What are the three ways that foss...,
What are the reasons that a speci...
6  cards
6.4 Selective Breeding
Why do humans use selective breeding,
What are organisms bred to have 3,
Describe the basic process involv...
11  cards
6.6. Classification
Traditionally how were organisms ...,
What did carl linnaeus propose,
How did developments in biology l...
12  cards
6.7 How Humans Reduce Biodiversity
Biodiversity is a combination of ...,
Why is biodiversity important,
Humans have a big impact on the e...
5  cards
6.8 Maintaining Biodiversity
What is sustainability,
How can we protect specific speci...,
How can we protect habitats and e...
11  cards

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