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PMT Transport across cell membranes question
Name and describe five ways subst...,
Explain the function of this atp ...,
The movement of na out of the cel...
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PMT ATP Questions
Water is used to hydrolyse atpnam...,
Describe how an atp molecule is f...,
Suggest why human atp synthase is...
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Practice Q
Give two types of molecules from ...,
Give four structural differences ...,
State the differences between an ...
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A explain five properties that ma...,
State and explain the property of...,
State and explain the property of...
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Inorganic ions
Doctors investigated the link bet...,
A describe the roles of iron ions...,
A high concentration of sodium in...
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As paper 2 test 1
0 1 2 describe how the production...,
0 1 1 what is a gene,
Scientists produced a short singl...
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June 2021 QP - Paper 2 AQA Biology AS-level.PDF
In taxonomy an organism is identi...,
0 3 2 define the term mutagenic a...,
0 3 4 name the type of mutation t...
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June 2020 QP - Paper 2 AQA Biology AS-level.PDF
0 1 1 littorina littorea is a spe...,
The student could determine the m...,
Name the taxon in the hierarchy o...
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June 2020 QP - Paper 1 AQA Biology AS-level.PDF
A biochemical test for reducing s...,
0 2 box 1 explain the arrangement...,
0 2 2 describe how an ester bond ...
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June 2021 MS - Paper 1 AQA Biology AS-level.PDF
This question is about mitosis in...,
Describe two differences between ...,
0 4 3 name the fixed position occ...
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AS Biology Specimen question paper Paper 1
A technician investigated the eff...,
Describe and explain the differen...,
Describe and explain the appearan...
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AS Biology Specimen question paper Paper 2
Whats the missing anticodon,
Aspartic acid and proline are bot...,
Deletion of the sixth base g in t...
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