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B3.4 - Catalysts and Enzymes
What is the process when an enzym...,
What is an active site,
What enzyme digests proteins
19  cards
B1.2 - Animal And Plant Cells (Finished)
What does the nucleus do,
What is the cytoplasm,
What does the cell membrane do
15  cards
B4.1 - Blood (Finished)
What is blood mainly made of,
If plasma is yellow then why is b...,
What are the different component ...
14  cards
B1.1 - The World of The Microscope (Finished)
What is the magnification of the ...,
What is the definition of resolution,
What do you do to find the origin...
13  cards
B3.1 - Organisation And The Digestive System (Finished)
What is a tissue,
What is an organ,
What are cells
12  cards
B3.3 - The Chemistry Of Food (Finished)
_______ ______ and _______ are th...,
What are carbohydrates,
What are carbohydrates made up of
13  cards
B3.2 and 3.6 - The Human Digestive System (Finished)
What does the liver do,
What is bile for,
What is the gall bladder for
18  cards
B3.5 - Factors Affecting Enzyme Action (Finished)
What is enzyme activity affected by,
What temperature do most human en...,
Why is it dangerous when your tem...
7  cards
B3.3 Required Practical - Food Tests
How would you prepare a food samp...,
What does the benedict s test tes...,
How would you test for sugars in ...
10  cards
B3.7 - Making Digestion Efficient (Finsihed)
Why does the stomach produce a th...,
In what kind of ph environment do...,
In what kind of ph environment do...
9  cards
B2.1 - Cell Division (Finished)
What is contained within the nucl...,
What is contained within chromosomes,
What does dna stand for no cheating
15  cards
Key Words (I did a bit but still needs more)
Iam triangle,
63  cards
B4.6 - Tissues And Organs In Plants (Finished)
What does epidermal tissue do,
What does palisade mesophyll tiss...,
What is spongy mesophyll tissue for
17  cards
B5.2 Pathogens and Disease (Finished)
What are pathogens,
How does bacteria cause disease,
How do viruses cause disease
13  cards
B5.6 - Viral Diseases (Finished)
How can measles spread,
What are the symptoms of measles,
What can measles cause
12  cards
B5.1 - Communicable Diseases (Finishedish)
What is health,
What are communicable diseases ca...,
What three main other factors can...
13  cards
B5.3 - Growing Bacteria In The Lab (Finished)
Where can an uncontaminated cultu...,
How do you make sure the culture ...,
Why are growing uncontaminated cu...
14  cards
B5.4 - Preventing Bacterial Growth (Finished)
How often do bacteria multiply,
How can you investigate the effec...,
What do you need to calculate the...
7  cards
B5.5 - Preventing Infections (Finished)
Who discovered the effect infecti...,
How can the spread of disease be ...,
What did ignaz semmelweis do
10  cards
B5.7 - Bacterial Diseases (Finished)
What is salmonella,
What is gonorrhoea,
Name a bacterial disease in plant...
10  cards
B5.8 - Diseases Caused By Fungi And Protists (Finished)
What is rose black spot,
What is malaria,
Why does rose black spot affect p...
10  cards
B5.10 More About Plant Diseases (Finished)
How are plants infected with dise...,
What can non communicable disease...,
How can plant diseases be detected
11  cards
B5.11 Plant Defence Responses (Finished)
Name the physical plant defences,
Name the chemical defences,
Name some mechanical adaptations ...
6  cards
B6.1 - Vaccination (Finished)
What happens when a pathogen atte...,
What is a vaccination,
How can a spread of a virus be pr...
8  cards
B6.2 - Antibiotics And Painkillers (Finished)
What do painkillers and other med...,
What do antibiotics do,
Why can t antibiotics destroy vir...
9  cards
B6.3 - Discovering Drugs (Finishedish)
Where were drugs traditionally ex...,
Who created penecillin and how,
How are new drugs synthesised
6  cards
B6.4 Developing Drugs (Finished)
What are new medical drugs tested...,
How are new drugs tested,
What are the stages of developing...
12  cards
B6.5/6 - Monoclonal Antibodies (Finished)
What are the stages of making mon...,
What are the uses of monoclonal a...,
How do monoclonal antibodies trea...
15  cards
B8.1 - Photosynthesis
What is the word and symbol equat...,
Name 3 adaptations of plant leaves,
What kind of reaction is photosyn...
4  cards
B8.2/3/4 - More Photosynthesis
What are the limiting factors in ...,
What do plants use glucose produc...,
What do plants need nitrate ions for
6  cards
B1.6 - Diffusion (Finished)
What is diffusion,
What effect does concentration gr...,
How do cell membranes work basic
10  cards
B1.7 - Osmosis (Finished)
What is osmosis,
What is the concentration if wate...,
What is the concentration of wate...
8  cards
B1.8 - Osmosis In Plants (Finished)
Why do plants need osmosis,
How are plant s stems and leaves ...,
What is plasmolysis
3  cards
B1.9 - Active Transport (Finished as long as how it works is not needed to know)
Active transport moves substances...,
What is active transport,
Why do root hair cells need activ...
4  cards
B1.10 - Exchanging Materials (Finishedish)
Give 2 problems to do with exchan...,
Give 3 adaptions for exchanging m...,
How is the small intestine adapte...
6  cards
B5.9 - Human Defence Responses (Finished)
How does the skin prevent pathoge...,
How do platelets help defend agai...,
What do the trachea and bronchi d...
10  cards
B7.1 - Non-communicable Diseases (Finishedish)
What is a non communicable disease,
What are risk factors,
What are non communicable disease...
10  cards
B7.2 - Cancer (Finished)
Which type of tumour is cancerous,
What is a benign tumour,
What is a malignant tumour
10  cards
B7.3 - Smoking And Risk Of Disease (Finishedish)
What is the problem of carbon mon...,
Why is smoking during pregnancy a...,
How does smoking affect the cilia...
5  cards
B7.4 - Diet Exercise And Disease (Finished)
What happens in type 2 diabetes,
What is obesity caused by,
What can obesity lead to
6  cards
B7.5 - Alcohol And Other Carcinogens (Finished)
Why is alcohol in small amounts n...,
What is the problem with alcohol ...,
What are some problems caused by ...
8  cards
B8.1 - Photosynthesis (Finished)
What is the word equation for pho...,
What is the symbol equation for p...,
What is the chemical equation for...
10  cards
B8.2 - The Rate Of Photosynthesis (Finishedish)
What does a limiting factor for p...,
What are the limiting factors for...,
Why is light a limiting factor fo...
11  cards
B8.3 - How Plants Use Glucose (Finished)
What are the five main ways plant...,
How do plants use glucose for res...,
Why do plants use glucose to make...
9  cards
B8.4 - Making Te Most Of Photosynthesis (Finished)
What are greenhouses used for,
How is temperature prevented from...,
How do commercial farmers avoid l...
8  cards
B9.1 - Aerobic Respiration (Finished)
What is respoiration,
Is respiration endothermic or exo...,
Give 2 examples of how organisms ...
11  cards
B9.2 - The Response To Exercise (Finished)
Why is there increased respiratio...,
How does your body respond to exe...,
Why does your breathing rate incr...
5  cards
C9.3 - Anaerobic Respiration (Finished)
Why would muscles use anaerobic r...,
What is anaerobic respiration,
What is the word equation for ana...
15  cards
B9.4 - Metabolism And The Liver (Finished)
What is the metabolism of an orga...,
Give two examples of a metabolic ...,
Give 3 examples of metabolic reac...
6  cards
C5.1 - The reactivity series (Done?)
Name the 3 ways white blood cells...,
What is the order of reactivity,
To extract metals from ores what ...
5  cards

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