block 1 - treatment and prevention of illness

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Volume sensors regulate,
Low pressure sensors in pulmonary...,
Vasopressin anti diuretic hormone...
54  cards
Liver Disease
Is liver small or large,
What cells and structures does th...,
83  cards
GI - Nausea & Vomiting
What is emetic reflex,
Which drugs can cause vomiting,
Causes of emesis that you might n...
30  cards
GI Chemistry
Inhibitors of gastric acid secretion,
List gastric secretory cells,
Controlling acid secretion
11  cards
GI therapeutics
Pathology 3 areas,
The oesophagus can respond to the...,
Endoscopy negative reflux disease
23  cards
Pain therapeutics
Pain can be classified into sever...,
Pain is defined as acute if,
Nociceptive pain
51  cards
Renal Disease
Where are the kidneys are situated,
Renal size,
Renal shrinkage is usually a char...
69  cards
GI - Peptic Ulcer Disease
What does the oesophagus do,
What does si do,
What does li do
49  cards
GI - nausea + vomit e-book
Causes of nausea and vomiting,
There are several classes of anti...,
Antihistamines eg cyclizine cinna...
21  cards
GI - Other conditions e-book
The common symptoms of ibs overla...,
There are also a number of extra ...,
15  cards
MSK eBook
37  cards
Pain - Analgesia
Physiological pain,
Pathological pain,
Organization of the nervous system
34  cards
Infections eBook
Infections are caused by the foll...,
What causes an infection,
There are a number of ways that t...
110  cards
Antibiotics I: Overview
Mrsa is anorganism which is resis...,
Clostridium difficile is,
Glycopeptide resistant enterococc...
25  cards
Antibiotics II: The Beta-Lactam Antibiotics
Penicillin timeline,
Penicillin structure and sar esse...,
B lactam mode of action
20  cards
Antibiotics III: The Glycopeptides
Enterococci is,
Enterococci and lactams,
What is very powerful antibiotic
15  cards
Antifungal Agents
Types of fungal infections mycoses,
Targets for antifungal therapy
26  cards
Antibiotics resistance,
Vaccinehistoricaledward jenner pe...,
15  cards
Clinical infections
Viruses definition,
Viruses consist of,
Capsids capsomers
15  cards
Respiratory Therapeutics - Asthma
Asthma is a and asthma can be div...,
Asthma symptoms and characteristics,
Airway wall remodeling can cause
42  cards
Chemistry Respiratory Disorders
The partition coefficient,
High p
29  cards
Pharmacology of obstructive airway diseases
Bronchial hyperresponsiveness,
Bronchial changes in mild asthma
42  cards
What is glaucoma,
Two main types of glaucoma,
What results in a glaucoma
30  cards
Eye eBook
Accessory structures of the eyeth...,
Eyebrows and eyelashes
32  cards
Nose and Oropharynx
The nasopharynx has three functions,
Facilitation of respiration,
The olfactory apparatus sense of ...
36  cards
Drug Delivery to the Lung
Advantages of pulmonary drug deli...,
Recent research in systemic thera...,
Disadvantages of pulmonary drug d...
51  cards
What are phospholipids derived from,
Several different chargedheadgroups,
What happens when surfactants are...
28  cards
Nasal, Otic and Ocular Drug Delivery
Local vs systemic,
Ophthalmic drugs,
Various available ophthalmic prod...
77  cards
Ear eBook
The ear has two functions,
The ear consists of three regions,
External ear
26  cards
Pain - Anaesthesia
Anaesthesia 3 types,
General anaesthesia,
Inhalational anesthetics
19  cards
Respiratory Therapeutics - COPD
What is copd,
Main risk factors for copd,
32  cards
Infections tutorial 1
Routes of transmission direct,
Routes of transmission indirect,
Examples of direct diseases
9  cards

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block 1 - treatment and prevention of illness

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