bms238 molecular and cell biology

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Lecture 1
What can be used to mostly infer ...,
What are the two ways of predicti...,
Helices are formed by hydrogen bo...
60  cards
Lecture 2
Explain how zinc finger domains i...,
Give some examples of aromatic am...,
Which metal ions bind to their bi...
34  cards
Lecture 3
What post translational modificat...,
What does sds page stand for,
The poly acrylamide gel has a sie...
53  cards
Lecture 4
Which motor protein moves vesicle...,
Motor protein transport of organe...,
Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresi...
30  cards
Lecture 5
Dna transposons are also powerful...,
What specialised dna polymerase e...,
What are the four different speci...
55  cards
Lecture 6
What attributes of dna replicatio...,
An incoming nucleotide can only b...,
What two features are required fo...
66  cards
Lecture 7
What happens in patients with mut...,
What chemical modifications can l...,
Draw a representation of a hetero...
42  cards
Lecture 8
What is the name of the complex t...,
Explain the enzymes involved in t...,
Cyclins are a class of protein in...
44  cards
Lecture 9
How can splicing explain how the ...,
What is meant by snrnps and what ...,
Describe the role of rrnas
38  cards
Lecture 10
How do specific or regulatory tra...,
What is meant by the term transcr...,
Rox1 is a dna binding protein fou...
34  cards
Lecture 11
In general transcription activato...,
Which residue does enhancer of ze...,
What structures are referred to a...
38  cards
Lecture 12
Multiple ribosomes can bind to th...,
Why do proteins fold of their own...,
What is the other term used to de...
60  cards
Lecture 13
What is the name given to the sec...,
How were restriction enzymes firs...,
What is the name of the restricti...
34  cards
Lecture 14
Explain how the sanger sequencing...,
What is the main limitation of au...,
Progressive sequencing is one met...
34  cards
Lecture 15
What is meant by forward genetics,
How are forward genetic screen ca...,
What chemical mutagen is commonly...
28  cards
Lecture 16
What is meant by the term isoform,
What process is used to create di...,
What regions of the immature mrna...
42  cards
Lecture 17
What technique is used to visuali...,
What technique is used to visuali...,
Gfp and transgenics are technique...
25  cards
Lecture 18
What is the name given to the rep...,
It has been shown that most of th...,
It was determined that what makes...
34  cards
Lecture 19
Juxtacrine signalling is an examp...,
List some of the downstream effec...,
What is often the result of phosp...
22  cards
Lecture 20
What can be said about the transm...,
How long after rtk activation is ...,
Other than heparan sulphate give ...
43  cards
Lecture 21
Why do the primers used in pcr to...,
Describe the process of promoter ...,
What is the effect of activated p...
28  cards
Lecture 22
What is common to all ligands of ...,
What are the distinguishing featu...,
What is the major difference betw...
35  cards
Lecture 23
How are monoclonal antibodies mad...,
What process can be used to deter...,
Different combinations of recepto...
30  cards
Lecture 24
Phospholipids are amphipathic wha...,
Both lipids and proteins are ofte...,
What is the proposed role of lipi...
50  cards
Lecture 25
Internal membrane compartments va...,
What is the role of rab proteins ...,
Explain the mechanism of action o...
34  cards
Lecture 26
Which blood group is the universa...,
Give an example of where differen...,
What are the three reasons why gl...
40  cards
Lecture 27
What is the results of microinjec...,
What changes happen at the molecu...,
What is the role of guanine nucle...
41  cards
Lecture 28
Give a classical example of where...,
Transfection of l cells with cadh...,
What are the two families of cell...
25  cards
Lecture 29
Which type of focal adhesion junc...,
Glanzmann s thrombasthenia is a d...,
What part of the actin cytoskelet...
27  cards
Lecture 30
Cancer is a disease of genetic st...,
Controlling cellular proliferatio...,
What is the goal of the cell cycle
39  cards
Lecture 31
What causes tumours to form,
The plasias occur independently o...,
What is the overall trend of canc...
17  cards

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