brain power: adam and victor's neurology

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Peripheral Nerve
What separates bundles of nerve f...,
What structures are outside the p...,
Wallerian or axonal degeneration ...
108  cards
Spinal Cord
What radiculomedullary artery sup...,
Identify the supply to the ff 1 c...,
What supplies the ventral anterio...
91  cards
MG Guidelines
What percent of thymoma patient h...,
What percent of mg patients have ...,
What virus infection is correlate...
31  cards
What proportion of patients with ...,
How does tb affect the spine,
Dose of anti tb meds
182  cards
What are the relative volumes of ...,
What is the rate of formation of csf,
What are the 3 components of the bbb
23  cards
What level of cerebral blood flow...,
What is the usual level of cerebr...,
What molecular mechanisms lead to...
83  cards
What is the only possible indicat...,
What spinal level corresponds to ...,
What is the most common cause of ...
33  cards
What is the usual eeg finding of ...,
Identify the localization 1 masti...,
T or f primarily generalized epil...
147  cards
Indicate the who grade of the ff ...,
1 pnet2 atypical meningioma3 hema...,
What kind of edema is seen in 1 l...
144  cards
Demyelinating Disease
What part of the periventricular ...,
What are the different histopatho...,
What is the peak age for ms what ...
66  cards
Degenerative Diseases
T or f the proportion of change o...,
What percentage of ad patients ha...,
What is the ribot law of memory
129  cards
Define myotonia,
T or f like cramps myotonic spasm...,
Describe myotonia congenita in te...
54  cards
Of the trunk muscles which are th...,
T or f the proximal muscles are m...,
What antibody involved in mg caus...
53  cards
What is the clinical picture of t...,
What is the most realiable confir...,
What is the treatment for trichin...
131  cards
Acquired Metabolic Disease
With bun and glucose in mg dl how...,
Osm na 155 glucose 180 bun 30,
What is normal serum osmolality
49  cards
Developmental Diseases of the Nervous System
Pediaaaaaa Neuroooooo
86  cards
Inherited Metabolic Diseases
Pedia and genes!
114  cards
What is a possible genetic basis ...,
What are the 3 general categories...,
How long does a panic attack usua...
66  cards
What proportion of migraine patie...,
Identify which primary headache1 ...,
Enumerate all the pain sensitive ...
46  cards

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brain power: adam and victor's neurology

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