bsa 12c intermediate accounting 1

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Chapter 1: Cash & Cash Equivalents
To understand the concepts, items and accounting treatment.
30  cards
Chapter 2: Bank Reconciliation
To understand the need for a bank reconciliation. To know the reconciling items affecting cash in bank per statement. To know the reconciling items affecting cash in bank per ledger. To be able to prepare a bank reconciliation. To be able to prepare the necessary adjusting entries to reconcile the cash in bank per bank statement.
17  cards
Chapter 3: Proof of Cash
0  cards
Chapter 4: Accounts Receivable
To know the measurement, adjustments, methods and acctg. treatment.
60  cards
Chapter 6
0  cards
Chapter 7
0  cards
Chapter 8
0  cards
Chapter 9
0  cards
Chapter 10: Inventories
To define Inventories. To identify the major classes of inventory To account for inventory transactions using periodic and pertual inventory system. To know the gross method and net method of recording purchases. To identify the items included in inventory cost.
41  cards
Chapter 11: Inventory Cost Flow
To identify the cost formulas required by IFRS To apply the FIFO cost formula To apply the weighted average cost formula To apply the moving average cost formula To apply the specific identification method
4  cards
Chapter 12: Lower of Cost and Net Realizable Value
T funder ifrs inventories shall b...,
Is the estimated selling price in...,
T fthe cost of inventories may no...
20  cards
Chapter 13
0  cards
Chapter 14
0  cards
Chapter 15: financial Asset at Fair Value
To define a financial asset To know the classifications of financial assets To know the measurement To identify the financial assets that can measured at FVPL. To understand the measurement of Debt investments at Amortized Cost & at FVOCI.
0  cards
Chapter 16: Equity Investments (Dividends, Share Split and Share right)
What are 5 equity investments,
When a financial assets is recogn...,
T ftransaction cost of financial ...
4  cards
Chapter 17
0  cards
Chapter 18
0  cards
Chapter 19
0  cards
Chapter 20
0  cards
Chapter 21
0  cards
Chapter 29: DepreciationStraight line and variable method
Are normally usable for a number ...,
The difference when the original ...,
Depreciation period
25  cards
Topic 7: Quiz
Depreciation is a means of cost a...,
Depreciation is based on the decl...,
Depreciation depletion and amorti...
30  cards
Chapter 28: Depreciation Sum of years' digits...
Provide higher depreciation in th...,
Is on the philosophy that new ass...,
The use of ___________________ is...
11  cards
Chapter 30: Depletion
Include minerals oil natural gas ...,
Search for mineral resources afte...,
The expenditures incurred in conn...
22  cards
Topic 1 & 2 (Ch. 1-3; Ch. 4-9)
It is a report that is prepared f...,
1 savings accounts are usually cl...,
2 certificates of deposit are usu...
87  cards
Topic 3 (Ch.10-14)
1 a company should abandon the hi...,
2 the lower of cost or net realiz...,
3 application of the lower of cos...
77  cards
Topic 4 (Ch. 15-21)
The iasb requires that investment...,
2 the iasb requires that companie...,
3 amortized cost is the initial r...
69  cards
1 a corporation is incorporated i...,
2 the preemptive right allows sha...,
3 test bank for intermediate acco...
79  cards
Topic 8 (Ch. 33-35)
1 intangible assets derive their ...,
2 all research phase and developm...,
3 research phase costs are capita...
83  cards
Csh and receivables
87 consider the following cash in...,
88 on january 1 2015 lynn company...,
89 kennison company has cash in b...
66  cards
80 the total equity of hale corpo...,
81 the total contributed capital ...,
82 manning company issued 10 000 ...
62  cards
0  cards

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