cab 4 provincial back of module q's

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Principles of Advanced Furniture Joinery Part A
What does awi stand for,
3 grades established by awi,
Which grade is used for areas not...
6  cards
Principles of Advanced Furniture Joinery Part B
Most common method of table base ...,
What are lower horizontal members...,
Tables with_______pedestials may ...
13  cards
Marquetry, Parquetry, Intarsia Inlay and Special Veneer Matches Part A
3 methods employed in the art of ...,
What is meant by the term parquetry,
What cutting technique is used in...
3  cards
Marquetry, Parquetry, Intarsia Inlay and Special Veneer Matches Part B
3 suitable core materials for col...,
4 ways veneer cover sheets may be...,
It is impossible to veneer a roun...
4  cards
Material Optimization 406 B
What can you use to make manual o...,
What method is used to manually o...,
Why is computer optimization of s...
10  cards
Standard Estimating Methods 406 C
List some of the sources you may ...,
Type of math skills required for ...,
When and why would you round numb...
7  cards
Estimating Using Yield Factor
What is gross pay,
What is net pay,
How do you calculate net pay
9  cards
Rule of Thumb Costing
What is meant by the term rule of...,
Why is rule of thumb costing a po...,
What 2 types of measurements are ...
5  cards
Unit and Shipping Costs
What type of products can be unit...,
If all of the associated costs ar...,
How is material cost information ...
10  cards
Fire Retardant Materials and Practices
The national building code identi...,
Which part of the nbc do designer...,
If a large building is planned bu...
17  cards
Basic Woodcarving
How do carving chisels differ fro...,
What is sweep on a carving gouge ...,
Which technique is used to hone a...
11  cards
Integrated CNC
3 pieces of information you must ...,
When installing router bits into ...,
On some machines what guides the ...
4  cards
Job Roles and Responsibilities
3 specialists an architect will u...,
2 major considerations of buildin...,
3 groups or organizations that ca...
8  cards
Machine Maintenance
What are 2 functions of the gib,
3 types of insert cutters availab...,
6 things to check when changing p...
5  cards
Contract Law
Simple definition of a contract,
What are the six requirements for...,
When does an offer lapse
28  cards
Business Structures and Practices
3 need of people in the workplace,
What is a corrective action,
3 forms of business ownership use...
12  cards
Wood Finishing Applications
Which topcoat is the simplest to ...,
Topcoat made from insects by product,
Most important way hvpl differs f...
12  cards
Specialized Wood Finishing
What are traditional paste filler...,
Why would you choose to polish in...,
What may be used to lubricate abr...
13  cards
Blueprint mix
Why would architectural woodworke...,
What allowance is made for fittin...,
What type of joinery is featured ...
25  cards

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cab 4 provincial back of module q's

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