california real estate principles 2017

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Chapter 1 Characteristics of Real Property
A plat map is used in which type ...,
An appurtenance name three,
When determining if an item is a ...
18  cards
Chapter 2 Estates in Real Property and Forms of Ownership
A type of partnership created for...,
Three statements about a corporat...,
Condominium ownership means that ...
20  cards
Chapter 3 Transfer of Title to Real Property
The power of the government to ta...,
In california a successful lawsui...,
A cloud on a title is a
20  cards
Chapter 4 Encumbrances
A person who provides labor mater...,
An easement is,
A noxious odor or unsightly condi...
20  cards
Chapter 5: Government Rights and Limitations on Private Ownership
Zoning ordinances generally contr...,
The enforcement of the laws setti...,
__________ divides a community in...
20  cards
Chapter 6: Contracts
If there is a time is of the esse...,
The failure of one party to perfo...,
In california buyer paid liquidat...
18  cards
Chapter 7: Specific Real Estate Contracts
Harry purchased a duplex that has...,
John has entered into a five year...,
A provision in the purchase and s...
17  cards
﹂ Chapter 8: Real Estate Agency Law
The party granting authority to a...,
The duty of loyalty means that th...,
A person authorized to act for an...
20  cards
Chapter 9: Real Estate Finance
A land contract is,
A state in which a loan secured b...,
In a tight money market one would...
20  cards
Chapter 10: The Residential Lending Process
The california state sponsored re...,
A loan structured to gradually pa...,
A percentage amount of a loan cha...
20  cards
Chapter 11: Real Estate Appraisal
A home having only one bathroom l...,
Three characteristics of value stu,
If an appraiser uses more than on...
20  cards

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