cambridge prelim year

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Decks in this class (37)

Moodle MT Week One Vocab
Alo alere alui altum,
Caro carere
74  cards
Moodle MT Week Two Vocab
Accedit accedere accessit accessum,
Adnuo adnuere adnui adnutum,
Adsentior adsentiri adsensus sum ...
71  cards
Moodle MT Week 3 Vocab
Coepi coepisse n a coeptum,
Colo colere colui cultum,
Crepo crepare crepui crepitum
74  cards
Moodle MT Week 4 Vocab
Adolesco adolescere adolevi adultum,
Fatisco fatiscere n a n a,
Fero ferre tuli latum
72  cards
Moodle MT Week 5 Vocab
Bibo bibere bibi n a,
Clueo cluere n a n a,
Curro currere cucurri cursum
66  cards
Moodle MT Week 6 Vocab
Comminiscor comminisci commentus ...,
Compesco compescere compescui com...,
Congruo congruere congrui n a
71  cards
Moodle MT Week 7 Vocab
Aboleo abolere abolevi abolitum,
Ambio ambire ambivi ambitum,
Attinet attinere attinuit attentum
73  cards
Moodle MT Week Eight Vocab
Accidit accidere accidit n a,
Addo addere addidi additum,
Apparet apparere apparuit apparitum
70  cards
Moodle LT Principal Parts
Aperio aperire aperui apertum,
Apiscor adipiscor apisci aptus su...,
Careo carere carui caritum
213  cards
Moodle LT AS Vocab
Amor amoris,
Culpa culpae,
Finis finis
360  cards
Supo Unit 1-5 Vocab
Sum ess fui futurum,
Qui quae quod
100  cards
Supo Unit 6-10 Vocab
Mitto mittere misi missum,
Civitas civitatis
100  cards
Supo Unit 11-15 Vocab
Amor amoris
100  cards
Supo Unit 16-20
Tueor tueri tutus sum tutatum,
Rogo rogare rogavi rogatum,
100  cards
Supo Unit 21-25
Malo malle malui,
Flumen fluminis
101  cards
Supo Unit 26-30
Nomino nominare nominavi nominatum,
Sustineo sustinere sustinui suste...,
Certamen certaminis
100  cards
Supo Unit 31-35
Legatus legati,
100  cards
Supo Unit 36-40
Regio regionis,
Cupiditas cupiditatis,
Narro narrare narravi narratum
100  cards
Supo Unit 41-45
Sidus sideris,
Verro verrere verri versum,
Carus a um
100  cards
Supo Unit 46-50
Tellus telluris,
Altitudo altitudinis,
Vestigium vestigii
100  cards
Supo Unit 51-55
Sero serere sevi satum,
Pudeo pudere pudui puditum,
Mortalis e
100  cards
Supo Unit 56-60
Obvius a um,
Mala malae,
Suadeo suadere suasi suasum
100  cards
Supo Unit 61-65
Colligo colligere collegi collectum,
Expello expellere expuli expulsum
100  cards
Supo Unit 66-70
Cingo cingere cinxi cinctum,
Conscius a um,
Exilium exilii
100  cards
Supo Unit 71-75
Celeritas celeritatis,
Pasco pascere pavi pastum,
Diligentia diligentiae
100  cards
Supo Unit 76-80
Sagitta sagittae,
Praefero praeferre praetuli prael...,
Prosequor prosequi prosectus sum
100  cards
Supo Unit 81-85
Admoveo admovere admovi admotum,
Rostrum rostri
100  cards
Supo Unit 86-90
Praepono praeponere praeposui pra...,
Apto aptare aptavi aptatum
100  cards
Supo Unit 91-95
Leo leonis,
Epulae apularum,
Insidior insidiari insidatus sum
100  cards
GCSE Greek Vocab
Ὁ αγγελος,
363  cards
Reading Greek Section 1
Ἡ ακροπολις,
105  cards
Reading Greek Section 2
Αγαθος η ον,
Ὁ αθηναιος,
55  cards
Reading Greek Section 3
Αλλος η ο
66  cards
Reading Greek Section 4
Το αστυ,
Εωφρων, ευφρον,
Κακοδαιμων κακοδαιμον
44  cards
Reading Greek Section 5
Αἱτιος α ον,
56  cards
Reading Greek Section 6
Αγροικος ον,
Ἀδυνατος ον,
Αἱ ἀθηναι, ἀθηνων
55  cards
Reading Greek Section 7 (incomplete)
Ἡ ἀλεηθεια, ἀληθειας,
Ἀναγκη ἐστι,
Ἡ ἀναγκη, ἀναγκης
26  cards

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