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Characteristics that contribute t...,
How do we understand a place thre...,
42  cards
csmp essay plans 16 markers
2018 how far do you agree that pl...,
2019 the impact of structural eco...,
Successful rebranding of a place ...
6  cards
hazardous earth theory
The structure of the earth chemic...,
Mechanical structure of the earth,
Crust thickness
45  cards
0  cards
coast past paper questions
Geo morphic process,
Human factors most significant
8  cards
ELSS 10 markers
2023 the effect of temp on the ca...,
Specimen examine the significance...,
2021 examine how water extraction...
8  cards
water extraction
Why is ground water extracted,
How many people does the kennet r...,
Why is there lots of ground water...
11  cards
South Sudan
Unmiss united nations mission in ...,
What is happening in south sudan,
17  cards
Brief history of ukraine,
Challenges already in ukraine and...,
Things that needed improving in u...
10  cards
power and boarders
State power definition,
Nation definition
26  cards
India case study
Trade bloc,
How much did india export to usa ...,
What was india s fdi from the usa
14  cards
Sierra Leone case study
Peripheral economy,
Multilateral and bilateral trade ...
21  cards
USA case study
Trading blocs,
Canada and the us trade,
Usa has free trade agreement 20 c...
11  cards
Olympic park london
rebranding case study
8  cards
Socio economic before the change,
Demographic and cultural before t...
9  cards
tower hamlets - place profile
Demographic characteristics,
Why so ethnically diverse,
Socio economic characteristics of...
9  cards
jembatan besi- Jakarta
jembatan besi
7  cards
Northwood- Irvine California
Housing condition,
Income and employment
6  cards

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