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PM Processes
Overarching function that coordin...,
Involves working with all appropr...,
Includes estimating how long it w...
10  cards
Executing Process
0  cards
Org Influences and Project Lifecycle
Which of the following is not cha...,
You are working in a software com...,
Which of the following is an exam...
35  cards
Role of the PM
Which of the following is closer ...,
Project plan creation budget plan...,
Which of the following are not re...
5  cards
ITTO and Calculations (ALL)
Which knowledge area estimate act...,
Which knowledge area define activ...,
Which knowledge area define scope
204  cards
Formulas and Calculations
Communication channel,
Project payback period,
Planned value pv
15  cards
Reverse Formulas and Calculations
Cost of project or investment ann...,
Predicts likelihood of reaching e...,
Predicts likelihood of reaching b...
15  cards
Process Inputs
Acquire resources,
Close project or phase,
Collect requirements
49  cards
Process Outputs
Acquire resources,
Close project or phase,
Collect requirements
49  cards
3 - Project Manager Role
The message receiver restates wha...,
Begins with problem definition pr...,
The project manager refuses to ac...
30  cards
4 - Project Integration Management
This subsidiary plan defines the ...,
This plan defines who will get wh...,
This list details the project mil...
53  cards
5 - Project Scope Management
A planning heuristic for creating...,
The observer interacts with the w...,
When stakeholders create a large ...
48  cards
6 - Project Schedule Management
The primary output of breaking do...,
The identification of more than o...,
A somewhat unreliable estimating ...
47  cards
7 - Project Cost Management
The actual amount of monies the p...,
An approach that relies on histor...,
An estimating approach that start...
42  cards
8 - Project Quality Mangement
These diagrams such as the projec...,
This diagram breaks down ideas so...,
Comparing any two similar entitie...
31  cards
9 - Project Resources Mangement
Once the project is done either t...,
Project management team members m...,
The project manager has the autho...
37  cards
10 - Project Communications Management
The receiver signals that the mes...,
The receiver confirms that the me...,
The best modality to use when com...
33  cards
11 - Project Risk Management
A risk response appropriate for b...,
Risks that have an uncertain uncl...,
A risk response to avoid the risk
51  cards
12 - Project Procurement Management
When there is an issue or claim t...,
From seller to buyer price is the...,
A meeting of all the project s po...
34  cards
13 - Project Stakeholder Management
This type of communication means ...,
A data gathering technique that s...,
Stakeholders such as management t...
24  cards
14 - PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Treating others with conduct that...,
A situation where a project manag...,
A project manager s responsibilit...
5  cards
Acquire resources,
Close project,
Collect requirements
50  cards
1 - Project Management Fundamental
The pmi publication that defines ...,
The areas of expertise industry o...,
A quantifiable return on investme...
28  cards
2 - Project Management Environments
An organization where organizatio...,
Cultural norms describe the cultu...,
Conditions that affect how the pr...
16  cards
Quality Management
As a project manager you need to ...,
All of the following about grade ...,
You are trying to determine preci...
20  cards
Resource Managament
All of the following about resour...,
All of the resource management pr...,
You are managing a satellite laun...
32  cards
Integration Management Review
What best describes the aim of in...,
Is the project charter created du...,
You are working as a project mana...
37  cards

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