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RECAP **Circulatory system : Blood vessels - structure & function
What is the function of the cardi...,
What is the role of an artery blo...,
What are the largest arteries called
32  cards
Introduction to haemodynamics L1
What does haemodynamics mean,
What is the perfusion pressure,
What does resistance mean
24  cards
Control of resistance of artery tone L2 & L3
What are,
What happens if widespread artery...,
What is the tone of a blood vessel
39  cards
Cardiac muscle
Describe the flow of ox and de ox...,
What is cardiac muscle called,
Describe the structure of cardiac...
14  cards
cardiac action potentials - ventricular muscle
What is the sarcolemma,
What is cardiac muscle contractio...,
Where does the electrical excitat...
18  cards
Pacemaker potentials
Compare the of cells in the heart...,
What is the function of cardiac p...,
What is the main location in the ...
22  cards
Cardiac cycle : pressure & volumes
What are the 4 chambers of the heart,
What are the 5 valves of the heart,
What does the atrioventricular va...
31  cards
Capillary exchange 1
Describe the structure of capilla...,
Describe the 3 types of capillaries,
What does the permeability of a c...
27  cards
Capillary exchange 2
What 2 things does molecular perm...,
What 3 classes do solutes fall into,
How do lipid soluble molecules eg...
16  cards
Electro -cardio Gram (ECG)
What is an ecg,
In what direction does a current ...,
Describe the current flow and the...
27  cards
ECG (2) - manifestations of disease
What information about cardiac fu...,
What is the sinus rhythm,
What is an arrhythmia
22  cards
short term control of arterial blood pressure
Why do we need to control arteria...,
What are baroreceptors,
What are the 2 locations that bar...
23  cards
Long term control of arterial blood pressure
What happens to the baroreflex du...,
Describe the pressure response cu...,
What is the optimal sensitivity o...
22  cards
The venous system
What are the characteristics of v...,
What are the 2 main functions of ...,
What is stroke volume
22  cards
Intrinsic regulation of the heart: preload and afterload
What is preload,
Why is preload also referred to a...,
What is the end diastolic volume
20  cards
cardiac contractility: interdependence on preload and afterload
Describe the structure of cardiac...,
Describe how contraction takes pl...,
Explain what determines the contr...
15  cards
efferent autonomic regulation of the heart
What is chronotropy,
What is inotropy,
What is lusitropy
17  cards
cardiac reflexes
Explain the difference between a ...,
What are the different cardiac re...,
What part of the brain is importa...
10  cards
Cardiac mechanoreceptors
What are mechanoreceptors sensiti...,
By what characteristics do mechan...,
Name the different types of mecha...
17  cards
What is a circulatory shock,
What is hypovolemic shock,
What are examples of the signs an...
9  cards
Role of platelets in haemostasis: structure, activation, aggregation and endothelium inhibitor effets
Describe the structure of platelets,
Where how are platelets formed,
What do the dense delta granules ...
11  cards
haemostasis: clotting cascade, how fibrin network is generated & role of vitamin K
What is blood coagulation clotting,
What does the clot contain,
What kind of enzymes are most clo...
23  cards
fibrinolytic system & thrombosis
What does t pa stand for,
What is plasminogen,
How does plasminogen get converte...
10  cards

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